Scalable, Tailor-made Infrastructure

How Submer Enabled 2CRSI to achieve its business goals with its SmartPod Technology.

What challenge are you trying to overcome?

Develop a tailor-made infrastructure to provide the required power with grid interconnection
Implement a scalable system for technological components. Achieve TCO savings from the servers and the installation perspective (up to a 50%).

The project in detail

he main goal of the project is to meet the huge graphic computing needs to perform high performance jobs like facial recognition. Our client needs to reduce the latency of the servers and increase the total density of the servers as much as possible, to save as much space as they can.

Why did you change to immersion cooling?

By switching to Immersion Cooling, we are able to ensure that we are meeting the density requirements needed, while also making substantial economic and ecological savings. Something that might not have been possible if we had selected a different cooling method.

How many KW in the datacenter?

The kW will increase from 40kW to 2 MW when the datacenter is at full capacity.


  • 75% Space savings

  • 50% TCO savings

  • 9 X increase in compute density

What technology or solutions is Submer providing you with? Why did you choose this?

According to the customer needs, we will use the servers OCtoPus 1.8 (21’’ form factor and 2 Open U). With this servers, Submer will prepare a SmartPodXL with 20 servers inside the unit (with space for at least 2 switches) where:

  • Each server has 8 GPU, 2 intel CPU, 8 RAM and 1 NVMe
  • The total consumption of each server is 2200W, which means that every SmartPod dissipates a total of 44kW

How much money are you saving with Submer’s Solutions?

In comparison to the previous configuration, we can increase the density of the datacenter by 9 X. Additionally, Submer’s solutions will allow us to make space savings of 75%.

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