Space Efficient, Future-proof Technology

How Submer Enabled Fujitsu to achieve its business goals with its SmartPod Technology.

What challenge are you trying to overcome?

Modernize current infrastructure to ensure it is equipped to deliver high-quality performance that guarantees
Fujitsu can remain competitive in years to come.

The project in detail

The main goal of the project is to retrofit, consolidate and optimize old data centers, with thermal management problems. Renovation of IT services with PRIMEFLEX VSAN, achieving a technological, flexible, scalable, robust and automated base. With the homogenization of the computing and storage systems thanks to HCI and PRIMEFLEX, the customer has decreased the total costs of management of the remote facilities.

This will allow for Technological renewal and creation of a baseline of transformation to new technologies that are more agile, flexible and guarantee the adoption of new technologies.

The customer will implement.

Why did you change to immersion cooling?

Immersion Cooling will allow for a faster reply thanks to the decrease in the latency. It will also enable higher computing capacity to perform AI and researching using less physical space (with 5kW per rack, with the current configuration the customer saves 20% of space increasing 3 times the old density.

How many KW in the datacenter?

10 to 500kW, depending on the final application and end customer

Highlights: Energy Savings, Heat re-use?

Although the plans are not finalized, we are looking into the possibility of reusing the waste heat to grow the food.


  • 20% space savings

  • 40% energy savings

  • 3 X increase in compute density

  • Re-use of heat

What technology or solutions is Submer providing you with? Why did you choose this?

We have chosen the SmartPodXL+ or SmartPodXL because our first priority is to reduce the amount of redundancy within the datacenter and then the amount of space. and Submer’s SmartPod line allows us to do this.

We will use the technology in combination with different types of servers; PY RX2540 M5 24x 2.5′ GFX/GPU Intel Xeon Gold 5220R 24C 2.20 GHz and 2 GPUs NVIDIA A100. These combinations are the best to meet our needs for Research and AI ( 2U per server, and a maximum heat dissipation of 1kW per node). All Flash Medium 1-CPU vSAN Appliance 3y24x7 Intel Xeon Gold 5218R 20C 2.10 GHz (Best selection to HCI, using 2U of space and reaching a maximum of 400W per node) and 2/4 switches.

With this combination, one SmartPod can host up to 15kW, increasing up to 3 times the total density of a typical air rack.

How much money are you saving with Submer’s Solutions?

Submers cooling technology will decrease our PUE from 1.6 (using air cooling) to 1.06, allowing us to make 40% in energy savings alone

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