Supercharged Cooling

How Submer Enabled Hypertec to achieve its business goals with its SmartPod Technology.

What challenge are you trying to overcome?

Trading requires high-density compute, which, in turn, requires a high-powered, efficient cooling method. Small changes in technology can be a significant competitive advantage, time to implementation is a key factor that demands quick, turnkey solutions.

The project in detail

Submer and Hypertec’s joint customer faced a dilemma, they needed next gen compute that demanded next gen cooling but were in a co-lo that was not immersion ready. They needed to make a decision to pay for the retrofit of a rented space or come up with an alternative. They decided to take advantage of the power and services that the co-lo offers while implementing a modular, immersion data center of their own on the co-lo site. Submer and Hypertec were able to deploy a full modular system within 12 weeks that was ready for power and connectivity. Each modular container offers 400kW of cooling and easily scales to meet the immediate customer demand of 2.4MW. The customer is now able to take advantage of the latest server technology while immersed in the greenest, most cost effective power and cooling method possible, Submer SmartPods.

Why did you change to immersion cooling?

The industry requires high density compute and Immersion is the most effective and efficient way to do this. We also need a specific range of GPU’s that other cooling methods cannot fulfill. Hypertec can provide servers that produce 60kW of heat just taking the next gen Intel processors into account. Add in the memory and drives and this technology demands immersion cooling.

How many KW in the datacenter?

The wattage of the datacenter currently stands at 2.4 MW and is growing.


  • 70% Cost savings in Retrofitting

  • 40 % Cost

  • Full turnkey solution to give users competitive edge

What technology or solutions is Submer providing you with? Why did you choose this?

We have chosen Submer’s MegaPod Solution fitted with the SmartPod XL.

How much money are you saving with Submer’s Solutions?

By using Submer’s solutions, we are able to make a total of 70% of savings compared to retrofitting an existing datacenter and 40% savings compared to expensive co-lo.

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