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Data Center Effects on Climate Change

The Impact of Data Center Industry on the Enviroment

October 31, 2015

By Diarmuid Daltún

This is one of the most serious topics we're going to talk about and one of the main reasons the Submer team have put their heads together to substantially help reduce Data Center CO2 emissions.

The Uptime Institute states in their 2014 Data Center Industry Survey that average self-reported PUE's for 2014 stand at 1.7. For sure self-reported means that only Data Centers that are happy with their PUE have actually reported and other studies clearly indicate that most probably, most of the Data Centers around the globe are still way over the PUE 2.0 mark. This means that for each 1kW of IT load, another 1kW is needed just to make make it run (basically to keep it cool).

The Guardian and multiple other studies like Gartner Estimates ICT Industry Accounts for 2 Percent of Global CO2 Emissions, state that Data Centers around the globe are responsible for more than 2% of the global CO2 emissions. That means that Data Centers are responsible for similar CO2 emissions than the global aviation industry. This is approximately 771 million tonnes of CO2 in 2015.

Schneider Electric have published a great tool that allows you to compare the electricity and CO2 footprint reduction of improving your Data Center PUE. Take a look at what a medium-sized Data Center can save on its electricity bill and CO2 footprint by implementing Submer's Immersion Cooling solution.

Above we're comparing the realistic average Data Center PUE of 2.0 with Submer's lab certified PUE of 1.05 at standard Spanish electricity costs for a 1MW data center. We can clearly confirm that electricity costs are practically sliced in half with a reduction from 2.025.014 € to 1.063.132 € annually, but also the CO2 emissions are drastically reduced from 7.761 t of CO2 to just over 4.000 t.

Very commonly CO2 footprint improvements have been seen as "throwing away money". By implementing the Submer Immersion Cooling Solution we guarantee you a Return On Investment in less than a year. If you don't believe it, you can soon come and see our Functional Prototype at the BitNAP Data Center.

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