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From Europe to Middle East to Africa

October 2018. Submer is Everywhere!

November 2, 2018

By Matteo Mezzanotte

October has been an especially busy month for Submer. We have had Submeriens (a slightly contrived collective noun!) at up to three distinct events at the same time. This is quite huge for us, a company that came out of R&D in March 2018!

With this post, we just wanted to give you a taste of the events we attended. So, let’s have a look at what took us around the world this month!

Open Compute Project - Amsterdam, NL (1-2 October)

We started the month by attending the Open Compute Project Regional Summit, in Amsterdam. Submer was represented by Edgar (Snr. Dev), Daniel (CEO) and Diarmuid (Sales). The first regional OCP Summit gave us the chance to hobnob with hyperscalers (Facebook, Google, OVH...), manufacturers (Gigabyte, Inspur, HPE, 2crsi...), system integrators and software companies. OCP is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure, defining standards that ease maintenance and interoperability. Here are some interesting videos from the event. The team returned energised by the community and also announced that Submer will add OCP-ready SmartPods to the portfolio starting early 2019.

NVIDIA GTC Europe - Munich, Germany

From 9th to 11th October, Pol (co-founder) took to the road to join Daniel (CEO) and Diarmuid (Sales) in Munich, Germany, for NVIDIA GTC Europe. Edgar (Snr. Dev) and David (Lead Engineer) arrived on the 11th to allow the other three to move onto their next destination. The GPU Technology Conference was the perfect occasion to learn about the future of Artificial Intelligence with experts from NVIDIA and they once again reaffirmed their support for Immersion Cooling and in particular for the Submer Solution.

European Commission - Joint Research Center - Brussels, Belgium

On the 11th October, Daniel flew on to Brussels, Belgium, for the European RoundTable on Intensive Data Processing and Energy Efficiency - Innovative Green Technologies for Artificial Intelligence. Daniel’s contribution was from “Immersion Cooling to Power, the Next Generation Data Center”. The participants included industry experts, scientists, politician and policy makers. In a world where new trends (IoT, Deep Learning, Smart Cities, etc.) generate an ever growing amount of data and thus request increasingly higher densities, Submer stands out for its highly efficiency and its eco-friendly solution.

GITEX - Dubai, UAE

Later on, from 14th to 18th October, Daniel (CEO), Pol (co-founder), Diarmuid (Sales) and Joan (Operations), flew to Dubai, to present Immersion Cooling in the Middle East for the very first time. GITEX is the third largest tech-fair in the world and the most important in MENA (we expect the Middle East alone to represent around 7% of the world's Immersion Cooling market by 2025).
It was the first time we used our container-booth solution. Apart from being very practical, the container also reflects the eco-friendly mentality of Submer, since it can be reused in other conventions.
It was a very positive experience a gave us te chance to meet with important partners and set the basis for future collaborations in the area and in other regions of the world.

ICT Summit - Windhoek, Namibia

While some members of our team were in Dubai, our Matteo (PR & Corporate Communication) went to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia for the 5th National ICT Summit. According to recent studies, by 2100 Africa will be the most populated continent in the world.
Submer Immersion Cooling was at the ICT Summit as a sponsor of the solutions provider Green Enterprise Solutions, our partner in the region.

IoT Solutions World Congress - Barcelona, Spain

Last but not least, during the same days as GITEX and ICT Summit, Edgar ( Snr. Dev), David (Lead Engineer) and Dr. Javier (Fluid Thermodynamics), represented us at the IoT Solutions World Congress, in Barcelona.
We try to be in as many places as possible but it was nice, for once, to play a home game and show Solution to guests in our home town of Barcelona.
As we like to say at Submer: think global, act local.

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