Submer "Phase 1" - Full-Size Functional Prototype

Another Step Forward

March 16, 2015

What is "Phase 1"?

"Phase 1" is planned to be a full-size (50U) functional prototype. It should:

  • Have a 50U capacity and be able to dissipate 25kW of heat.
  • Be fully redundant.
  • Allow us to adjust and measure all its components (heat sensors, flow meters, pump speeds, etc.).
  • Include software control of its components and a touchscreen display for admin management.
  • Deploy with its own highly-efficient adiabatic cooling tower.
  • Install in a carrier-class Data Center.
  • Have a practical form factor for datacenter colocation and day-to-day operation.
  • All its components will be high-quality EU designed and built.

The functional prototype is planned to be deployed in February-March 2016. Once online, we'll run every possible test to validate the solution end-to-end in a production environment, take its components to the limit and polish it for our future customers.

We're still working on the exact components, form-factor and materials, but what's very clear is that we're going for a single-phase Immersion Cooling approach with the coolant already tested and validated during "Phase 0".

As soon as we start defining the components and form-factor, we'll share with you in future posts.

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