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East & West

Submer goes East... and then West

June 17, 2018

By Matteo Mezzanotte

First East...

Co-Founders of Submer, Pol Valls Soler and Daniel Pope and Head of Sales Diarmuid Daltún have been traveling pretty much non-stop since March 2018, when Submer switched gear and came out of R&D and prepared to bring Immersion Cooling to the world.

For some time now, interest in our solution has not only been coming from Europe and the Americas, but also quite a lot from Asia from traditional datacenters, telcos, hosters, crypto-miners and enterprises. We decided to head to Asia and put together an itinerary taking us to Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Our first stop was Taipei, Taiwan and we had organized the trip around Computex, Taiwan’s largest tech-fair. Thanks to the European Union, we were invited to several exclusive events around the European-Week and had the pleasure to meet the Taiwanese Minister for the Environment along with an EU delegation. We briefly discussed the Taiwanese market and the potential impact of our Immersion Cooling solution on the Asian landscape.

We also took the opportunity to meet with partners and prospects in Taipei: hardware manufacturers, distributors, enterprises and others. I’m leaving out many details about Taipei, but please ask Pol, Danny or me personally and we will be glad to share a little more!

Next stop on our whirlwind tour was Hanoi, Vietnam. Stinking hot in summer, perfect for our solution, we were collected and looked after our local representative Long and his partner Hai, who brought us on a tour of multiple data centers with multiple floors (I love visiting data centers!) of a local telco, looking at the exact best location to deploy our first SmartPod in Vietnam before finally settling on a floor that had not yet been built out as a traditional datacenter clean room. This is what we do best.

Our last stop in Asia was Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. We had one kind of down-day which we used to bond even more and to explore the city. KL is one of my favorite Asian cities – it has a certain amount of grit but works quite well, allowing gnarly visitors like us to dip into what we perceive as authentic but feel very comfortable. We heard from many parties how happy they are with the recent changes in their countries. Short term challenge for long term gain. Malaysia is a good place for business in Asia.

We met with a local customer that really wowed us with their hospitality and that had trusted us without ever having met us before. They, like most people on this planet, had a really interesting story and a unique connection to Immersion Cooling.

...and then West.

We made it back to Barcelona for a few hours before taking off to London for Tech Week, amazing meetings with the Department of Industry and Trade, Entrepreneurship, etc... Danny and Pol stayed on in London while I left for Toronto to attend a new event, infra//STRUCTURE, a lovely mix of datacenter owner/operators, Hosters, Investors and Analysts. It was all about the Edge, the future of Edge and the Edge of Edge. I am now in Montreal in the Air Canada Lounge and heading home to spend a few precious hours with the family before ripping into next week along with our newly unleashed production SmartPods...

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