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Submer, The New Data Center Cooling Solution

Introducing the Next Generation Data Center

July 31, 2015

By Diarmuid Daltún

To start with we'd like to explain where the Submer idea comes from, where the project stands and a short intro to the team behind it.

Our background is Data Center operations and design. We've owned and operated our own mid-sized Data Center in the past for more than 10 years and coped with all the craziness of day-to-day operations. When last year the team sat down to brainstorm on what they would change if the Data cCenter adventure where to start again, one of the major topics was "How to better cool the servers?". This is where the idea of an Immersion Cooling solution was born.

Our team is currently composed of Data Center operations and design experts, old school industrial engineers with more than 40 years of experience on their backs, online marketing experts and coders. We're putting that vast expertise together to create the most resilient, eco-friendly and efficient solution in the market and we're doing it by designing and building the solution from the ground-up.

We've heavily analysed the few Immersion Cooling solutions available today in the market and either they:

  • Have a poor technical and visual design.
  • Are horrible to cope with for day-to-day operations.
  • Use mineral based oils that could be hazardous for the environment or toxic for people.

At Submer we're determined to provide a solution designed by ex Data Center owners for Data Center owners.

Our Promise is to deliver a solution that:

  • Can give you a PUE better than the Big Players without moving your Data Cnter to colder locations.
  • Medium Return of Investment <1 year.
  • Provide a solution that's simple, powerful and practical for your Data Center Operations Teams.

Stay tuned, we'll be exposing our adventure from now on. Next up will be our single server prototype, also called "Phase 0".

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