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Submer Immersion Cooling Lift-Off!

Improving Data Center Industry in an Efficient, Green Way

March 28, 2018

By Diarmuid Daltún

The revolutionary Barcelona based Immersion Cooling Company has successfully emerged from the pre-launch phase and is now ready and poised for prime time, to bring Immersion Cooling to hosters, cloud providers, regular datacenters, Edge computing, cryptocurrency mining, blockchain and research datacenters.

Looking from the outside in, it may seem that things have been a bit quiet over the last months here at Submer, but let me assure you, that is definitely not the case! We have been busy with R&D, putting the best possible team together, ramping up our production, certification, all in all getting ready for big-time, which is coming right now.

With Immersion Cooling, our mission is to enable edge computing outside of the traditional datacenters, make datacenters more modular, compact, eco-friendly and highly efficient.

Research and Development - Pods

We have settled on two solutions in two sizes:

  • The SmartPod 45u unit is more suited to the transition of traditional IT workloads, where medium-density servers are being used and the SmartPod 22u for HPC / high density computing.
  • The CryptoPod 22u can efficiently house and cool up to 40 ASIC Antminer S9 (or similar) or up to 22 Ethereum (ETH) 7 GPU mining rigs.

Liquid Cooling - SmartCoolant

The secret is in the sauce or in our case, in the liquid (and our ability to extract the heat). We have been further developing our SmartCoolant and it now comes in two different flavours:

  • Plant based 100% biodegradable SmartCoolant suitable for all kinds of workloads.
  • Synthetic 98%+ biodegradable SmartCoolant with the same refractive index as fibre optics.

Our SmartCoolant is kind to the environment and kind to hardware, extending the life by 80% or more.

Ramping up Production

All of our units are produced and assembled in and around Barcelona and we are working in combination with Asproseat to provide meaningful work to individuals with various disabilities. So not only can you feel good about the eco-friendly nature of our solution, you can also feel good about the social nature.

The Dream Team

Besides our esteemed founders Daniel and Pol, who worked with a number of experts in the pre-launch phase, we now have another 13 persons on board providing expertise in multiple fields:

  • Javier - Dr. of Fluid Thermodynamics
  • Joan - Operations Manager
  • David - Product Engineer
  • Diarmuid - International Sales
  • Barnie - Logistics and Office Management
  • Bea - Marketing
  • Edgar - Software Development
  • Gerard - Electrical Engineer
  • Albert - Hardware Engineer
  • Enric - Industrial Engineer
  • Albert - Cooling Engineer
  • Nathalie - Sales Associate
  • Liora - Sales and Marketing

This dynamic team combines years of experience and fresh eager minds.

Certification and Endorsements

We are proud to announce that we are now also certified by the EUDCA - European Data Centre Association and endorsed by the European Commission Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency.

We are now well established in our new offices in Hospitalet de LLobregat in Barcelona right next to our assembly-facility and glad to report that we are purring like a well-oiled machine! For those who are interested, we would love to welcome you to our facilities and bring you up close and personal with our SmartPod showroom in Barcelona and see how Data Center cooling can be done differently.

Ensure your place in the queue by requesting info at contact@submer.com today!

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