Submer "Phase 1" - Prototype Moving Ahead

A Further Step Into the Creation of the #netxgendatacenter

January 6, 2016

As we quickly progress in closing the Submer Immersion Cooling prototype design and components with our engineers, we've also pinned down the exact location for the full-size functional prototype (codename "Phase 1") inside the BitNAP datacenter.

As mentioned in one of our previous postsBitNAP has kindly provided us with a closed-off space inside one of their large server rooms. The location is perfect as it's going to allow us to:

  • Install the first full-size functional prototype SmartPod in an unbeatable environment.
  • Show it to our early-adopter partners (and of course anybody else who's interested).
  • Deploy a highly-efficient adiabatic cooling tower in the rooftop.
  • Run heavy testing and quality assurance on the prototype.
  • Compare the peaceful silence of the Submer Immersion Cooling solution with the noisy mayhem of a traditional datacenter server room.
  • Monitor and expose real-time data of the prototype over a long period of time, specially the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of the Submer Immersion Cooling solution.
  • Prove that the Submer liquid Immersion Cooling solution is the Data Center cooling solution of the future.

We're absolutely thrilled! Everything is still going as planned for a February/March deployment of the "Phase 1" prototype!

Stay tuned as we'll be posting further progress in the coming days.