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Submer Best IoT Startup of 2018 at 4YFN

Recognition to Our Current and Future Impact in the IoT Economy

June 27, 2018

By Matteo Mezzanotte

Barcelona, Spain & Shanghai, China, June 28th 2018.

Submer Technologies, leading Immersion Cooling Cleantech, is proud to announce to have been granted the best IoT Startup of the Year award at the 4YFN 2018 in Shanghai.

IoT Startup of the Year, presented by 4YFN in partnership with BGTA, is designed to recognise the best global IoT & Cleantech startups across the US, EU and Asia.

This year, the finalists got chosen from 100 startups and Submer won for the best pitch and the best fit. With the best IoT Startup of the Year award, Submer Technologies will receive a guaranteed place in BGTA’s accelerator program in Shanghai and benefit from BGTA’s extensive global network and knowledge.

“We are delighted to have been selected as the best IoT Startup of the Year. Our SmartPod has proven to the market and investors that Immersion Cooling of IT is ready for prime-time. This award confirms that the path we’ve taken is the correct one. We are confident that Submer’s SmartPod will have an important role in the future of Immersion Cooling”, says Pol Valls Soler, Co-Founder of Submer.

“We are proud of the results we achieved so far and this award is a confirmation of our efforts in the purpose of designing a highly efficient and eco-friendly Immersion Cooling cleantech”, adds Daniel Pope, CEO and Co-Founder of Submer.

4 Years From Now (4YFN) is the startup business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, that enables startups, investors and corporations to connect and launch new ventures together.

Founded in 2012, Mobile World Capital Barcelona is an initiative driving the mobile and digital transformation of society while helping improve people’s lives globally.

With the support of the public and private sector throughout Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain, MWCapital focuses on three areas: the acceleration of  innovation through digital-based entrepreneurship, the digital transformation of industries and society, and the empowerment of new generations, professionals, and citizens in the use of digital technologies. Collectively, our programmes are positively transforming Education, Industry and the Economy.

MWCapital hosts the Mobile World Congress and delivers 4 Years From Now [4YFN], a business platform for the innovation and entrepreneurial community.

BGTA is committed to fostering the development of a global tech and investment ecosystem through accelerating tech companies from the UK, the EU and the US in China. Headquartered in London, with China-based operations, BGTA’s open innovation network includes world-class investors, technology companies, academic organisations and government institutions.

Submer Technologies, the Cleantech company, designs, builds and installs the SmartPod, a liquid Immersion Cooling solution for datacenters, Edge, AI, deep learning and blockchain applications. Set apart by its modular design, the SmartPod is the most practical, resilient, eco-friendly and highly-efficient Immersion Cooling solution.

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