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Submer at Y Combinator Fellowship

Never Give Up!

August 25, 2015

Y Combinator Fellowship

By Diarmuid Daltún

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to hit the jackpot, but out of 6500 applications the Submer solution was in the top 100. We actually got interviewed by the YC Leadership Team from Mountain View. For us this has already been a success and goes to show how interesting the project is.

Here's the very valuable feedback was provided during our interview with the YC Team:

I'm sorry to say we decided not to fund Submer.
Although we liked the two of you, we're not convinced that oil-cooling systems would lead to a fast-growing startup company. We think that if oil-cooling does become popular, it would be hard to compete with established companies already making racks, or heat pumps, or some other part of the system. Since oil cooling systems will be sold on their ability to save energy cost, the company that can invest the most in cost-effective manufacturing will be the long-term winner.
That's not to say you can't build a solid business selling oil cooling systems. You can, but you'll probably find it easier to build the business by selling systems to large customers, paid for in advance, than using investor money.
Trevor Blackwell, Y Combinator

We're very grateful for the opportunity and are totally committed to drive this project without any external funding, so on we go!

During our interview with YC we showed the single server prototype that's now complete. We'll be showing it in one of our next blog posts, so stay tuned :)

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