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Will Datacenters Implement Immersion Cooling?

The Most Intelligent Cooling Solution

March 4, 2016

By Diarmuid Daltún

Since the 1960's, supercomputers have been cooled with liquid. Some extreme density supercomputers such as the Cray-2 (released in 1985) and Cray T90 (released in 1995) used large liquid-to-chilled liquid heat exchangers and single or two-phase Immersion Cooling oils for heat removal.

Most of the supercomputer manufacturers have used, use or are trying to use Immersion Cooling. But what's holding back on getting Immersion Cooling into the datacenter to cool commodity hardware? In our opinion, cost and comfort.

On one hand, we have the operations and technical teams that need to feel comfortable with deploying a reliable Immersion Cooling solution that doesn't make their daily maintenance tasks overwhelming. On the other hand, deploying an Immersion Cooling solution into a datacenter must be cost effective, guarantee that PUE's will be met and have a compelling Return On Investment (ROI).

At Submer we're about to launch the first productised Immersion Cooling solution designed specifically for the datacenter. Our previous business was the datacenter business, running our own infrastructure as a large-scale hoster for more than 10 years. All our efforts have gone into designing a product that fits in the datacenter and hoster world. The Submer Immersion Cooling solution is specifically designed for high-density hosting, enhanced with the best support and operations possible.

In the next few days we'll be deploying our full-size functional prototype. We have an aggressive timeline to complete testing and gather feedback from our early-adopters to bring to the market the full-blown commercial solution during this year. We're convinced that Immersion Cooling is the way ahead and we're committed to deliver a solution that can be used not only for cooling supercomputers, but to cool your supercomputers ;-)

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