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March 25, 2022

Immersion Cooling for Hyperscalers: Powering Farming of the Future

A case study for the Hyperscale industry

Immersion for Hyperscalers, a case study

Welcome to your case study, written in collaboration with Wyoming Hyperscale White Box.

While efficiency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important for the datacenter industry, the Hyperscale sector is arguably lagging. Wyoming Hyperscale 30MW facility is setting the standard for the future by utilizing technologies that ensure it minimizes its impact on the environment while still providing highly dense and efficient compute. Read how Submer’s datacenter in-a-box solution is helping to facilitate the deployment and the innovative heat reuse project.  

Immersion for Hyperscalers, a case study
Image || Submer

What will you learn in this Immersion Cooling case study?

In this Immersion cooling use case in collaboration with Wyoming Hyperscale White Box, you will discover:

  • The abundance of benefits Immersion cooling brings to high-density hyperscale computing 
  • How Submer’s SmartPod XL+ enables heat reuse to power an indoor vertical farm 
  • Zero water used for cooling operations 
  • How power consumption was slashed by 50% compared to traditional air cooling with Submer’s solution.

Check here the story behind our relationship with Wyoming Hyperscale White Box on our YouTube channel!

Are you currently trying to overcome similar challenges? Download this case study to discover how a modular Immersion cooling pod could be the answer to your problems! 


Discover why Immersion Cooling is the perfect choice for Hyperscalers

Download the case study to find out more about how we can work together in this journey.