HPC at
the edge
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Hyper-Efficient Compute Solutions

Reduce total energy consumption by up to 50%

Up to 100kW compute density per rack footprint

Compute Density

Energy Savings



Meet or exceed energy efficiency & emission targets

Hyper-efficiency + Goonhilly Renewable Energy Platform

Superior Co-Location

HPC Servers

Advanced Immersion Cooling

The Right Solution

Modern HPC applications – including Research, Simulation, and Big Data – face two challenges: space requirements and heat. And those challenges are both costly and directly related to each other.

Computer processors have increased capacity and new software can deliver results. But those increases generate a lot more heat. More heat means that processors need to be spaced farther apart and require more energy to keep cool.
Heat conducting fluids have 1000x the cooling power of air. This is why Submer Advanced Immersion Cooling systems from Goonhilly work so well. And it doesn’t require any special hardware.

Your existing servers can be easily prepared to operate surrounded by our patented, environmentally safe cooling system. When you pack more hardware into less space it dramatically cuts power requirements and delivers immediate ROI. And the power you use at Goonhilly comes from 100% renewable sources – which means meeting your carbon footprint objectives just got easier.
It’s a solution whose time has come.

Want to know more? Your Goonhilly representative can help you get all the information you need. And you can learn more about our
innovative technology at submer.com.

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