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Densification, Done Right

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming our world. But they’re also putting huge strain on datacenter capacity. Chips are getting more powerful, while legacy facilities are struggling to keep up

Immersion cooling for high-density environments means you can:

  • ability-densification-performance

    Deliver hyperscale performance without compromise across greenfield or brownfield sites of any size

  • ability-densification-power

    Increase power density without adding complexity

  • ability-densification-cooling

    Be on your way to cooling 1,000W TDP chips, giving you long-term capacity confidence

Game-Changing TCO

Escalating costs are putting datacenter viability in jeopardy. Increased energy and water consumption, poor hardware utilization and massive maintenance commitments are just some of the inefficiencies causing a balance sheet black hole

Achieve a lower TCO with immersion cooling by:

  • ability-tco-simpler-buildings

    Building simpler and less expensive buildings

  • ability-tco-infrastructure

    Running a cooling infrastructure that outlasts several IT generations

  • ability-tco-temperatures

    Operating at higher temperatures

Sustainability with Substance

From driving 45% of IT sector greenhouse gas emissions1 to wasting millions of liters of water a year across the datacenter industry (and that’s just the small ones).2 It’s no wonder hyperscalers are ramping up their sustainability initiatives and aiming for greener end-to-end datacenter operations

Improve your datacenter sustainability with immersion cooling by:

  • ability-substainability-water-waste

    Achieving near-zero direct water waste through dry cooling

  • ability-substainability-capture-heat

    Efficiently capturing and reusing heat, increasing circularity

  • ability-substainability-pue

    Delivering power usage effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.10

Direct Liquid Cooling or Immersion Cooling?

DLC or immersion? Cooling systems are not created equal. DLC mixes air and liquid cooling, making it complex with multiple points of failure. Immersion cooling’s different, offering self-contained simplicity and radically reduced TCO

Submer’s immersion cooling means you can:

  • ability-cooling-easy-integration

    Benefit from easy integration with heat re-use solutions

  • ability-cooling-hardware-utilization

    Optimize hardware utilization and resource use

  • ability-measurable-reduction

    Achieve a measurable reduction in energy and water use

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