Accelerating The Industry Ecosystem

Submer is at the forefront of industry innovation, accelerating validated immersion cooling solutions that enable a trusted catalog for customers' peace of mind.


Future-Proofing, Together

Unleashing the full potential of our pods by forging strong and reliable vendor collaborations and partnerships.


Shaping the industry

Your immersion journey with Submer is supported by an extensive catalog of validated solutions, a diverse product portfolio, unparalleled expertise across technological fields, and comprehensive support at every step.

Technological runway

Illuminating the Path to Immersion Cooling for 1000W TDP  

Collaboration Leading Innovation

We are proactive and passionate about research and development, viewing it as our path to continuous improvement, innovation, promoting sustainable practices, and amplifying our voice.


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Discover the latest at Submer, datacenter industry news, & sustainability insights. 

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