Hypertec & Submer

What makes us different:

  • -45% Carbon Emissions

  • A mPUE of 1.04 ​& a PUE lower than 1.10

  • Minimize water waste

  • 95% Heat captured

  • x10 Computing density

  • -95% Cooling OPEX

  • -50% CAPEX

  • Heat reuse capabilities

Why a package solution :

Our offering is plug and play: Submer tank + Hypertec immersion ready hardware. Everything you need to get started.

  • All in one order
  • Easily installed by our experts
  • Enjoy up to 5 years of on-site warranty
  • Services
  • Connect with providers of secondary cooling (if needed)
Choose the pod and the servers you want into the solution: Submer tanks: SmartPod MicroPod

Immersion-ready servers available for your solution: TRIDENT iC610TR-G6 TRIDENT iCX610TR-G5 TRIDENT HX620QR-G5 TRIDENT HX625QR-G5 TRIDENT H625QR-G5

Why a <span> package solution </span>:

In case you want to know details on what immersion cooling is?

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