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April 27, 2021

Submer and Wyoming Hyperscale White Box Unite On Unique Sustainability Project

Company selects Submer's technology for clean energy corridor hyperscale cluster

Post - Submer and Wyoming Hyperscale

26 APRIL, 2021 Ashburn Virginia. For immediate release.​ Today, SUBMER, a leading innovator in advanced immersion cooling solutions for datacenters and Cloud and Edge computing, announced its latest partnership with Wyoming Hyperscale White Box, a datacenter developer with a focus on building high-tech, sustainable datacenters. The partnership represents an ongoing collaboration, in which Submer will provide its SmartPodXL+ technology for the company’s greenfield datacenters. The main goal of the partnership is to help Wyoming Hyperscale accomplish its vision of becoming a builder of high-tech datacenters that utilize innovative technologies while saving power and increasing compute density to become a leader within the industry for sustainability. The datacenter cluster will be located in Wyoming with plans to power up to 30 MW of compute on up to 4,000 acres. The collaboration is the first of its kind in the region and is the first time Immersion Cooling has been deployed at such scale in hyperscale facilities.

The impact of the agreement

As the demand on datacenters continues to increase, datacenters must innovate in order to meet the needs of a hyperconnected world. At the same time, the need for more sustainable datacenters remains a cause for concern. Datacenters consumed 354 million Metric Tons of CO2 and 500 billion kW hours of electricity in 2020 alone. Immersion Cooling has been available since the early 1960’s, however, the adoption of the technology as a mainstream solution has remained relatively low until recently. It is clear the industry must invest in solutions that not only future-proof their business but also the planet.

In the first phase of the project, Submer will provide Wyoming Hyperscale with 375 units of their SmartPodXL+ technology to be installed within their datacenter, which will have a capacity of 30 MW, equivalent to 80 kW per pod. The site and support infrastructure can scale up to 4,000 acres to provide customers with unrivaled compute power on a new long-haul fiber-optic node with 4 ms latency, by utilizing Submer’s immersion cooling technology. 

The SmartPodXL uses single-phase Immersion Cooling, a technique in which computer components or full servers are submerged in a thermally, but not electrically, conductive liquid (dielectric coolant) allowing higher heat transfer performance than air and many other benefits.

How will Submer help Wyoming Hyperscale achieve their goal?

The Western United States is known for its vulnerability to earthquakes. The specifications of the SmartPodXL+ provide required weight to engineer effective seismic isolation under a single-story ductile metal building, which cannot be done with a conventional, raised floor, air-cooled data center. The installation will allow Wyoming Hyperscale to build datacenters on land stewardship development locations while also dramatically reducing the amount of space needed for datacenters and reduce building costs. From a sustainability and efficiency perspective, the SmartPodXL+ will enable Wyoming Hyperscale to maintain unrivaled IT hardware density and achieve huge savings on electricity with almost no water consumption by the datacenters. Immersion Cooling allows the surrounding ecosystem to use data center heat surplus. Wyoming Hyperscale will use excess heat to power a vertical farming programme to grow fresh produce for local communities, something which is not possible when using other cooling techniques.

There is great debate in the industry about the burden that datacenters place on the environment. By utilizing Immersion Cooling, Wyoming Hyperscale will reuse the energy generated from Immersion Cooling and become a climate positive asset. Additionally, thanks to its ability to capture the heat dissipated from the servers, Immersion Cooling challenges the traditional Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model typical for the Hyperscale industry. Instead, users are able to monetize what previously was wasted energy.

 “Submer has built a strong reputation for building innovative, forward-thinking technology. Thanks to Submer, we have been able to overcome challenges companies face when wishing to build datacenters hardened against all potential natural disasters in the region, while also ensuring we remain sustainable and highly cost-efficient. We are confident that Submer’s technology will enable us to achieve our mission of building datacenters that are able to sustainably cope with ever-growing demand, today and in the future. Customers can expect the highest quality experience while also positively contributing to the surrounding environment and the local community. A win-win for all involved, and also the planet.“

Trenton Thornock, Founder of Wyoming Hyperscale.

 “Submer is excited to collaborate with Wyoming Hyperscale in their pursuit to build a high-powered Datacenter .The demand for Datacenters isn’t slowing down but it’s vital that the industry takes action to ensure it not only meets these needs but does so in a sustainable and efficient way.  Wyoming Hyperscale’s project is a great example of this.  Immersion is and will remain a key technology that assures efficiency in existing and future infrastructure.”

Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer.

Follow the hyperscale project on Twitter @WyomingBox or for more information about the agreement, please contact kat@submer.com.

About Submer

Founded in 2015, the company provides best-in-class solutions for HPC, hyper-scale, data centers, Edge, AI, DL, and blockchain applications. Submer allows data centers around the world to harness the power of immersion cooling to reduce consumption, costs, and latency while simultaneously increasing deployment speed and computer density per sqm. Submer is committed to providing the industry with state-of-the-art technological solutions that are innovative and smart while simultaneously increasing levels of sustainability and efficiency.

Headquartered in Barcelona, with offices in Ashburn, Virginia and Palo Alto, California, Submer consists of an international team of engineering, technological and business experts.  

About Wyoming Hyperscale

Founded in 2020 by members of a 6th generation ranching family, the company is combining resources to sustainably satisfy parabolic demand for hyperscale data center capacity while implementing best-in-class solutions to directly address global climate change and eliminate the waste inherent in conventional datacenter designs. Wyoming Hyperscale decided to change the industry with patented and patent-pending technologies that are innovative, efficient, sustainable, and significantly less costly to build and operate.