BitNAP Datacenter Showroom

In the Heart of Barcelona


BitNap, a neutral datacenter provider founded in 2005 is situated in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and offers a wide range of innovative solutions to make designing and operating datacenters highly efficient and more sustainable.

Submer is proud to showcase the SmartPod advanced Immersion Cooling system at BitNAP. The Showroom installation consists of 10 SmartPod units delivering up to 500kW of heat dissipation.


A District Heating/Cooling System Connected to Datacenter

The showroom at BitNAP is the first sustainable Liquid Immersion Cooling cluster in Spain to rely on renewable energies as a secondary cooling system, being BitNAP part of the district heating and cooling (DHC) system operated by Ecoenergies.

Discover our BitNAP Showroom!

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