Digital Realty Showroom

In the Heart of Datacenter Alley

Digital Realty Trust supports the datacenter, colocation, and interconnection strategies of more than 2,000 firms across its secure, network-rich portfolio of datacenters located throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

Digital Realty's clients include domestic and international companies of all sizes, ranging from cloud and information technology services, communications and social networking to financial services, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and consumer products.

DRT’s Ashburn datacenter campus was built to support the forefront of data infrastructure technology

Submer is proud to deliver the latest high-performance cooling systems to Digital Realty’s Ashburn campus to support sustainable, high-density HPC computing applications.

Unrivalled Density

50kW of heat dissipation for 20U or 19OU.

Infinite Possibilities

More than 100kW per submerged rack. SmartPodXL+ a 42U / 39OU tank.

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