Etisalat Showroom

In the Heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Delivering Smart Datacenters to Middle East
Visit the Submer Showroom at Etisalat Digital's Open Innovation Center in Dubai!

Etisalat Digital is the business unit driving digital transformation by enabling enterprises and governments to become smarter through the use of the latest technologies.

They bring together the best industry digital experts, assets and platforms with a unique service and operating model.

This is the first LIC installation in the UAE, allowing the visitor to appreciate all the details of our technology and literally touch the components of our solution.

The Etisalat Digital team will guide the visitors through the Submer Experience and the latest technology placed at their Innovation Center. Also, a touchpad placed next to the SmartPodX will offer support to the visitor through the technical characteristics and the operational and economic benefits.

Submer in Middle East: A 6 months ROI

Discover our Etisalat Digital Showroom!

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