Edge Solutions

Edge Computing turnkey platforms

High Density to the Edge, no matter what!

At Submer we understand that every company has different needs, our solutions have been purpose-built to address critical pain points and ensure your infrastructure is up to the job. It’s Edge computing simplified.

Our Edge-focused solutions harness the power of Immersion cooling technology to allow you to get to grips with the demand for higher workloads while reducing your impact on the environment and much much more.

Forming a part of Submer Cools, these are our group of ready-to-use solutions configured with our partners. A turnkey platform for our customers with 3 levels of “readiness”:

Creek Solutions Creek Solutions

  • Submer Pod
  • IT Hardware
Edge Creek

River Solutions River Solutions

  • Submer Pod
  • IT Hardware
  • Software
Edge River

Lake Solutions Lake Solutions

    Customize your Submer Solution at every level:
  • Submer Pod Plataform
  • IT Hardware & Software
  • Services
Edge Lake

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