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October 1, 2020

Adiabatic Cooling Tower

Adiabatic cooling system

An adiabatic tower is a fluid cooler that uses a closed circuit. An adiabatic evaporative cooler is basically a large fan that draws ambient air through water-moistened pads. As the air runs through the pads it cools down the water. The cooled water is then sent back where required (in case of a Submer’s Immersion Cooling installation, to the SmartPods heat exchanging system).

The temperature can be controlled by adjusting the air and water flow of the cooling tower. During the cooler months, the adiabatic system does not need water to lower the temperature, so it is actually switched off and works without even having to wet the pads. For the hottest summer days, the wettening of the pads allows to reduce the temperature below the ambient one. All this is managed automatically by the tower depending on the outdoor temperature and humidity.

Adiabatic cooling towers offer several advantages over traditional cooling systems with cooling towers or dry-coolers, for example:
• No consumption of process water (closed circuit)
• No use of refrigerant gas
• No health or environmental contamination (no legionella)
• No formation of limestone/scale
• No chemical treatment of water
• Top performance even with air temperatures over 40°C
• Best heat exchange at dry bulb conditions (air-water exchange ∆T 5°C)
• Low noise levels
• Low power consumption