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A warranty of support enquiry may be initiated via email ( or phone:

- Europe, Africa & Asia: +34 932 202 855 (choose menu option Support)
- North and South America:
+1 650 304 0654 (choose menu option Support)

You can also directly contact us by filling out the form below with the following information:

Please also be prepared to provide Serial Numbers for SmartPods and/or third-party products.

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Response Times for Warranty and Support Enquiries

Submer provides a reliable transparent end-to-end experience to partners and end-customers.

Enquiry Method Response Times
Email 4 working hours
Phone 5 Minutes (during working hours)

For APAC, and EMEA working hours (support hours) are from 09:00 to 17:00 CET (UTC+1), Monday to Friday, with the exception of 1st & 6th of January, 1st of May, 1st of November, 25th & 26th December.

For North America working hours (support hours) are from 09:00 to 17:00 CT (UTC-6), Monday to Friday, with the exception of the 1st of January, the last Monday in May (Memorial Day), 4th of July, the fourth Thursday of November, 25th of December.

Once an Enquiry has been made, the Submer representative will classify the Issue according to the following Severity levels.

Severity Levels

Severity is a measure of the relative impact an issue has on the use of the Products.  See the following guidelines on how severity levels will be set per issue:

"Severity One" is an Issue that prevents initial installation and operation of the Product due to a problem or, after the Product is installed and operational, results in failure of the Product to be used for its intended use.

"Severity Two" describes an Issue that prohibits installation or use of a feature described in the documentation and results in the customer being critically restricted in the use of the Product for a particular purpose or application.

"Severity Three" applies to an issue that involves partial, non-critical loss of functionality of the Product or impairs some operations, but allows customers to continue using the Product.

"Severity Four" applies to cosmetic Issues, including errors in the documentation, general usage questions, and recommendations for Product enhancements or modifications.

Extended Support and Maintenance (Premium Support & Maintenance)

Submer’s Extended Support and Maintenance Service is a premium package providing additional peace of mind directly from Submer to end-users of the Submer platform by ensuring regular maintenance tasks are carried out by Submer or Submer-authorised personnel.

This package has an associated cost per SmartPod or per unit agreed in the invoice or sale-agreement.

Submer authorised partners and distributors may also provide a premium support package. Please refer to the description provided by the Submer partner/distributor as it may deviate from the service described below.

The package consists of preventive and corrective maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Submer Certified engineer to visit onsite twice per year and to perform the following tasks:

In addition to the onsite maintenance visits, this service included 24/7/365 Customer Support (email and phone) with a response time of 3 minutes or less for phone and 4 hours or less for email.

Corrective Maintenance

Submer Certified engineer to appear onsite within 2 working days to perform the following tasks:

Response-time to onsite: max. 2 working days
Includes consumables and parts up to 2,000 EUR per year

Please note this service is in addition to the standard Warranties provided by Submer.