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This month we will take a closer look at our newest product, the MegaPod. We will discuss the challenges that the Datacenter industry is currently facing and we will explore how the MegaPod can help you to overcome these pain points, particularly for the Government and Defense industry. The webinar will take place on April 29th, 2021, at 6 pm (CET), 12 pm (ET).

Webinar highlights

For Submer’s monthly educational webinar of April, we are pleased to welcome Daniel Pope, CEO and Co-founder at Submer, together with Justin Cass, our Sales Director for the North American region. They will discuss:

  • The logistical problems that the industry is facing and how modular Datacenters could be a possible solution
  • The MegaPod: Submer’s supercharged Datacenter in-a-box
  • How Submer can help solve the challenge of this decade; sustainability and efficiency in the Datacentre industry, and help you future-proof your Datacenter.


Here’s an overview about the speakers for the webinar!

Daniel Pope

daniel pope

Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer, started his first datacenter business when he was just 16 (later sold to Telefónica). After that, he started a long career as a Solution Architect and as an Architecture Director and Integration EMEA at Ingram Micro Cloud. In 2015, he founded Submer with Pol Valls with the objective of changing how datacenters are being built from the ground up, to be as efficient as possible and to have little or positive impact on the environment.

Justin Cass

Justin Cass, Sales Director for the North American region, has built a strong reputation as a channel-focused sales leader with 16+ years in the datacenter industry across OEM and Value Added Partner companies. Most recently he was Head of Channel Sales at Fujitsu America where he managed OEM channel sales. Justin has a wide range of expertise including include channel/distribution sales strategy, partner growth and enablement, and partner program development.

Didn’t make it to the webinar? Here is the recording published on our YouTube Channel.


We will be partnering with OCP DACH to bring you a collaborative and educational webinar around sustainability, immersion cooling and the role Submer’s solutions can play in driving change within the industry. The Webinar will take place on March 24th, 10am (CET). Please note, the Webinar will be conducted in German.

Webinar highlights

For Submer’s monthly educational webinar of March, we are pleased to welcome Stefan Frenzel, Community Lead for OCP, DACH Region. Together with Bertil Brendeke, Vice President Sales EMEA at Submer, they will discuss:

  • How to actively pursue new ways to make the data centre industry more sustainable?
  • How to achieve energy efficiency by identifying all relevant areas of electricity waste in a data centre site?
  • How OCP & Submer can help solve the challenge of this decade; sustainability in the data centre industry.

Guest Speaker: Stefan Frenzel

Stefan based in Munich, Germany is an international executive with many years of experience in marketing & business development. He worked for various IT companies during the last 20 years and has a high affinity for IT/technology.

Stefan is committed to offer tailored marketing & business consulting services to his clients, with a special focus on companies from the data centre industry within the DACH region (Germany, Austria & Switzerland). He has the know-how to solve and to assist in achieving quantifiable results, based on proven methods and his extensive network in this important system relevant industry.
Among other clients from the IT-/ data center industry, he is well-known for representing the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) in the DACH region.

The Open Compute Project Foundation was initiated in 2011 and is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure.


Arrow Electronics, an American Fortune 500 company, was founded almost a century ago. From 1935, Arrow has been guiding technological innovation, and today, the Company has over 175,000 customers worldwide. For our Submer’s monthly educational webinar of November, we were pleased to welcome James Stannard, VP of EMEA Sales of Arrow. Together with Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer, things), James discussed (among other things) about:

  • Almost 100 years leading technological innovation: what does the future hold for Arrow?
  • How did Arrow face the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • Arrow and the Datacentre Industry: a long-lasting relationship that has changed over the time.
  • Arrow’s take on the liquid cooling market opportunity?

Guest Speaker: James Stannard

VP of EMEA Sales at Arrow

James Stannard joined Arrow in February 2013 and took up the leadership of the Global Services EMEA sales organisation in April 2017. He lives in the UK with his wife and son and enjoys travelling and dining out. A successful amateur boxer in his youth, in free time these days James is more likely to be found on a golf course than near a boxing gym.

James graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a BSc (Hons). He started his professional career at Intel Corporation, in distribution operations in 1999. James spent 5 years moving through various roles before joining field sales and specialising in OEM business.


What is Thermodynamics and how does this discipline apply to Submer’s technology?

High temperatures in electronics have always been a problem for their performance and lifespan. Historically, for electronics, fans and heatsinks were good enough. In the present times, though, the computational density required by the new digital trends (AI, IoT, Edge, ML, etc.) is getting higher and higher. The chips are required to operate at their maximum, and one of the known problems is that temperature affects their performance. Those chips can withstand high temperatures, but would not it be great to have them operating in a very comfortable environment?

For our monthly educational webinar, Jaime Pita, Sr. Thermal Engineer, and Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer discussed around the thermodynamics principles behind Submer’s Immersion Cooling technology.

Guest Speaker: Jaime Pita

Sr. Thermal Engineer
Jaime Sànchez

MSc in Aerospace Engineering and Specialist’s Degree in Fluid Mechanics, Jaime started his professional career developing aero-engines for ITP, one of the leading companies in the aeronautics sector in Spain. After specialising in CFD, he started working for Indra. He improved his knowledge of cooling for electronics when developing air-cooled solutions for radar and electronic countermeasures for fighter aircraft. In the UK, he worked for the environmental protection team in Rolls-Royce plc, analysing inclement weather phenomena and its effects in the thermal performance on aero-engines. He was also a Team Lead for aero- and thermodynamics in Bombardier Transportation.

October is the Thermodynamics Month at Submer!

If thermodynamics is your thing, or if you want to know more around it, download our new white paperThe Convection Principle: What it is and how it applies to Submer’s Immersion Cooling Technology”!



Technology drives humanity forward, solving problems and creating opportunity.  But it also creates environmental and societal challenges that can’t be ignored. Tech innovation is driving rapid evolution, yet with each new generation, we generate massive streams of e-waste. More people are connected to more things with more devices than ever before, even so, half the world’s population still isn’t online.  Open, hyperscale technology has enabled a handful of massive cloud service providers to achieve outsized returns, however, that same benefit has not trickled down.  While these issues are daunting, circular economic models are poised to deliver major advances that offer real, immediate solutions.  Let’s bring the dark underbelly issues of the tech industry into the light and take the opportunity at hand to come together to drive meaningful change that benefits all stakeholders

For our monthly webinar of July, we were pleased to welcome Ali Fenn, President of ITRenew as a guest speaker.

Guest Speaker: Ali Fenn

President at ITRenew

Ali oversees all revenue channels at ITRenew and leads strategy for the Company’s circular datacenter initiatives, including principally the development of modelling, analytics platforms, and new business and market development. Ali has been building enterprise and cloud technology companies for 20+ years, and previous to ITRenew, was the CEO of Impact Atlas, a real-time analytics SaaS platform company in the global development sector. Prior to that, Ali led WW market development for cloud systems and solutions at Seagate, and held executive leadership positions at Wyse Technology, BEA Systems, and several SaaS companies in the enterprise space. Ali holds an Economics degree from Yale and an EMPA from the London School of Economics



In the last few years, the datacenter industry has witnessed a major change in the global compute capability, with an increasing shift of workloads from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. A new study revealed that datacenters computing output jumped six fold from 2010 to 2018, with a general energy consumption rise of about 6%. In 2030, the energy consumption related to Internet traffic is expected to increase 21%. And 5G is going to be one of the main drivers of the next “data explosion“. Given that picture, how can the datacenter industry limit its energy consumption and, consequently, mitigate its impact on the environment? Maybe AI is the solution we are looking for…

For our monthly webinar of June, Submer was pleased to welcome AI-expert Alex Palladini. Together with Alex, we talked about:

  • Global warming: future scenarios and key drivers
  • (Alarming) projections of power consumption in the next 10 years
  • 5G: power consumption and data tsunami
  • Data and power consumption: a hot coexistence
  • What’s the relation between machine learning and power consumption?

Guest Speaker: Alex Palladini

AI, Machine Learning and Audio technologist

Alex is a driven and motivated innovation leader with 14 years of experience in new product development, software engineering, strategic research and team building. Recently appointed Chief Research Officer at MUSIC Tribe, Alex has strong expertise in signal processing, machine learning and AI technologies in the context of audio and biomedical products.


Here you can watch the complete webinar which also includes the Q&A section.