A chat with Castrol at MWC23 Barcelona

All about the benefits of immersion cooling and more

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A talk about immersion cooling with Submer and Castrol

Another year, another MWC for Submer… and guess what? It was a success! At our booth, attendees could see our immersion cooling technology products live and better understand recent announcements regarding our fluid portfolio – and that’s where Castrol comes in.

Submer has provided its fluid expertise to the industry to standardize and accelerate widescale immersion cooling adoption. As a result, Submer has fostered a top-class group of collaborators with extensive reach, resources, and interest in achieving more sustainable services. 

In May 2022, we made our agreement to tackle efficiency and sustainability challenges with BP Castrol official. During the event, Castrol formed a part of our booth, and we discussed the following: 

  • The many benefits of immersion cooling.
  • How we plan to accelerate the adoption of the technology on our way to achieve sustainable and efficient datacenter operations.
  • The end goal of our collaboration and much more!

Play the video below to discover everything you might have missed during the event. 

Want to know more about our collaborations? Reach us on our channels and stay tuned for the next chapter of our relationship with Castrol.

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