A Chat With Shell at MWC23 Barcelona

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Submer and Shell at MWC

Following our announcement of our new fluid services & portfolio, it’s now out in the open that we’re utilizing our fluid expertise as a way of standardizing and accelerating the widescale adoption of immersion cooling.
We caught up with esteemed partner and global lubricant company Shell during our exhibition together at MWC Barcelona 2023.

More Sustainable Fluids, Courtesy of Shell

During the event, we had an insightful conversation where we gathered more details about our collaboration. We mentioned the fluid validation process we have carried out and our plan to support datacenters on their sustainability journey. If you couldn’t catch us in person, have a look at the video below!

Want to know more about our collaborations? Reach us on our channels and stay tuned for the next chapter of our relationship with Shell.

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