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May 21, 2022

How to enable a more sustainable edge?

A collaboration with Intel, Cellnex, Lenovo and Nearbycomputing

Composable Architectures for a Sustainable Edge

As you may know, in collaboration with Intel, Lenovo, Cellnex and NearbyComputing, we wrote a whitepaper: “Composable Architectures for a Sustainable Edge“. We presented this project during MWC22.

We materialize this project in a whitepaper focused on facilitating a more sustainable Edge. The commitment was to create an energy-efficient solution to optimize the TCO in a context based on end-to-end architectures that support edge computing.

Our Immersion Cooling solution for Edge environments, the MicroPod, was selected thanks to its ability to extract energy generated as high-grade temperature liquid, enabling new business models such as “Heat Reuse” and circular applications aligned with environmental, social, and governance policies.

The Submer team showcased how Immersion Cooling can help bring sustainability to the Edge. Take a look at the video below to check how we work together to define sustainable and scalable Edge architectures.