Everything You Need to Know About Immersion Cooling in 10 Mins

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Immersion Cooling in 10 minutes

Are you curious about immersion cooling? Or do you consider yourself a seasoned expert on immersion? No matter what level of expertise you have, we bring you everything you need to know about immersion cooling in 10 minutes.

In this conversation that took place at our Submer Experience 2021, we discuss the basics of immersion cooling, the reasons to adopt the technology, and when is the right time to implement it. 

Immersion Cooling Explained in 10 Minutes

Join Gloria Fluxà, Head of Marketing at Submer, and Daniel Pope, Submer’s Co-founder and CEO, in this 10-minute video, where they talk about:

  • Water and energy consumption challenges
  • Density and latency issues
  • How we truly position datacenters to be more sustainable and much more

They explain everything about immersion, why it is the best solution for datacenters and enterprises, and much more. Watch the video!

Get all the insights into immersion cooling in this 10-minute video, including the what, why, and when. 

To have a deep dive into immersion cooling, you can also check our ebook, the 3Ws of Immersion, here.

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