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March 14, 2023

Submer’s Fluid Standardization Strategy

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In February of 2023, we officially announced our endeavors for the production of new product services and a new fluid portfolio. We are providing our expertise to the industry in order to standardize and accelerate widescale immersion cooling adoption.

During MWC23, Alex MacDiarmid, Daniel Pope, and Peter Cooper explained the impact of this announcement. 

Setting New Standards for Datacenters 

Part of these efforts includes establishing validation services that position Submer as the only fluid-agnostic player and leader in the immersion cooling space and fostering a top-class group of collaborators. 

Based on single-phase immersion cooling, Submer’s upcoming portfolio will include fluids optimized for specific performance requirements and applications, where sustainability will be one of the main drivers.

Watch our Six Minute Video

Watch the video below to discover all the details about our fluid strategy. 

Have a look at our key concepts section here or reach us on our channels anytime – stay tuned for the next chapter of our fluid strategy!