Clouds are not Linear: Unlock the full power of IT infrastructure with circular economic models

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Technology drives humanity forward, solving problems and creating opportunity.  But it also creates environmental and societal challenges that can’t be ignored. Tech innovation is driving rapid evolution, yet with each new generation, we generate massive streams of e-waste. More people are connected to more things with more devices than ever before, even so, half the world’s population still isn’t online.  Open, hyperscale technology has enabled a handful of massive cloud service providers to achieve outsized returns, however, that same benefit has not trickled down.  While these issues are daunting, circular economic models are poised to deliver major advances that offer real, immediate solutions.  Let’s bring the dark underbelly issues of the tech industry into the light and take the opportunity at hand to come together to drive meaningful change that benefits all stakeholders

For our monthly webinar of July, we were pleased to welcome Ali Fenn, President of ITRenew as a guest speaker.

Guest Speaker: Ali Fenn

President at ITRenew

Ali oversees all revenue channels at ITRenew and leads strategy for the Company’s circular datacenter initiatives, including principally the development of modelling, analytics platforms, and new business and market development. Ali has been building enterprise and cloud technology companies for 20+ years, and previous to ITRenew, was the CEO of Impact Atlas, a real-time analytics SaaS platform company in the global development sector. Prior to that, Ali led WW market development for cloud systems and solutions at Seagate, and held executive leadership positions at Wyse Technology, BEA Systems, and several SaaS companies in the enterprise space. Ali holds an Economics degree from Yale and an EMPA from the London School of Economics


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