Powering the Datacenters of the Future: Why Immersion Cooling is the answer for Hyperscalers

Take a look at what we'll be discussing for May's educational Webinar: Immersion Cooling at Scale

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Powering Datacenters of the future: Immersion Cooling and Hyperscalers

The webinar will take place on May 31st, 2021. 3 pm (CET), 8 am (CT), 10 pm (JST).

This month we will discuss how to implement Immersion Cooling at scale. We will discuss the challenges that Hyperscalers are currently facing; the demand for higher compute density coupled with the need to be more sustainable and we will explore how the technique can help you to overcome these pain points.

Immersion Cooling is becoming more and more mainstream, thanks to recent news from Microsoft and other installations. However, while the use of Immersion Cooling is growing, its implementation remains relatively low within the Hyperscale industry. At the end of the webinar focused on Immersion Cooling for Hyperscalers we will also provide a real-life use case courtesy of Wyoming Hyperscale White Box.

Powering the Datacenters of the Future: Webinar highlights

For Submer’s monthly educational webinar of May, we are pleased to welcome Daniel Pope, CEO and Co-founder at Submer, together with Trenton Thornock, founder of Wyoming Hyperscale White Box. A Hyperscale facility in the Western United States. This facility is the first of its kind to implement immersion cooling technology.

They will discuss:

  • The logistical problems that the industry is facing and how Immersion Cooling could be a possible solution.
  • Implementing Immersion Cooling at Scale.
  • Datacenters of the future, how Immersion Cooling can aid sustainability and power local communities


Here’s an overview about the speakers for the webinar!

Daniel Pope

daniel pope, immersion cooling and hyperscale webinar

Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer, started his first datacenter business when he was just 16 (later sold to Telefónica). After that, he started a long career as a Solution Architect and as an Architecture Director and Integration EMEA at Ingram Micro Cloud. In 2015, he founded Submer with Pol Valls with the objective of changing how datacenters are being built from the ground up, to be as efficient as possible and to have little or positive impact on the environment.

Trenton Thornock

Trenton Thurnock, immersion cooling and hyperscale webinar

Trenton is a member of a 6th-generation ranching family, founded when Mary Mead Rex sent two sons to Utah from St. Louis, Missouri in 1869 with the first westbound trainload of cattle on the Union Pacific railroad. Trenton carries on the family tradition of building and conserving precious capital by expanding to international markets and ensuring robust operation of strategic planning processes, capital investment programs and internal controls. Trenton hit two “home runs” as private equity portfolio company CFO with the sale of US Zinc in 2008 and Duratherm in 2011.

Submer recently announced its partnership with Wyoming Hyperscale which aims to help accomplish its vision of becoming a builder of high-tech datacenters. Sign up for the Datacenters of the Future Webinar below!

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