What Open Compute Project has in store for us all in 2020!

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Anyone following Submer knows that we are fervent supporters of OCP. Together with Lesya Dymyd and Adrien Badina of 2CRSi, and  Steve Helvie of OCP we talked about innovation, standardization, open source and we went through the roadmap of  OCP for 2020.

Among the topics we covered:

  • CP in the world: how the integration and the adoption of OCP standards vary from one continent to another
  • The current challenges with OCP adoption and OCP organization
  • The path from innovation to standardization
  • The contemporary scenario: who’s innovating and who’s not?
  • What are the hottest upcoming tech areas?
  • Planning and executing: how a big organization should embrace innovation?

Guest Speaker: Lesya, Adrien and Steve

Lesya Dymyd
‍Innovation Engineer at 2CRSi

With a Ph.D in management, a solid background in economics and technological innovation, Lesya is a EU Regional Lead at the Open Compute Project Foundation and a Strategic Innovation Engineer at 2CRSi, R&D. Lesya has acted in various roles, including research, corporate analysis, industry analysis, new process and project management. Lesya is known to be a voracious reader… at least 30 business books during the past 2019!

Adrien Badina
‍Chief Innovation Officer at 2CRSi

Adrien has been in the IT industry for more than 20 years and is an engineer in computer science. Working for large companies such as Alcatel and EDF (Es) as a consultant, allowed him to integrate project management and production constraints. Several years of experience working in local and Parisian SMEs allowed Adrien the flexibility and adaptability for successful development of these structures. Always passionate, curious and enterprising, he has been with 2CRSI for seven years now and is driving a creative dynamism by pushing the design office to propose their best innovations to a market focused on technological advances.

Steve Helvie
‍VP of Channel at OCP

Everywhere Steve goes, be sure he will find a way to go for a run. And truth is that Steve has seen his fair share of world: from US (BS in Agriculture Economics and MA in Economics) to Asia (acting first as a Manager and then as a Director at Microsoft for almost 10 years) and then to Europe (London) where he started his career as an evangelist of IT modernization and open-source software platform for cloud computing. Steve is the VP Channel of the Open Compute Project Foundation: if you’d like to join OCP, he’s the (big) guy you want to talk to. Probably while running, so you better be prepared.


In our 12th webinar, together with Lesya Dymyd and Adrien Badina of 2CRSi, and Steve Helvie of OCP, we talked about innovation, standardization, open source and we went through the roadmap of OCP for 2020.


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