Your NexGen Datacenter will be Faster, Cooler and Automated

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For the sixth installment of our LIVE webinar seriesSuvojit Ghosh took us for a tour in the future, sharing with us his predictions of how next generation datacenters will be, and what kind of strategies they will implement in terms of energy, cooling, design, etc.

Among the topics we discussed with Suvojit:

  •  The automation in nextgen datacenters
  • The path towards high efficiency
  • Liquid Cooling: why nextgen datacenters will be liquid cooled
  • How to get faster network at the Edge

Guest Speaker: Suvojit Ghosh

Co-founder & Managing Director of the Computing Infrastructure Research Centre (CIRC) at McMaster University

Dr.Suvojit Ghosh is the co-founder and managing director of the ComputingInfrastructure Research Center (CIRC) at McMaster University. This facility is one of only three datacenter R&D centers in the world and home to GCDCS – the Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium.


In our 6th webinar, together with Suvojit Ghosh, Co-founder & Managing Director of CIRC, at McMaster University, we looked at how next generation datacenters will look like.



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