In recent years, the Nordic region has attracted significant investment in new datacenters. This includes massive investments from cloud and hyperscale investors like Facebook, Google, AWS and Apple. What are the benefits the Nordic region can offer to the datacenter industry? What are the pros and cons to be taken into consideration when choosing to install a datacenter in the Nordics? And what is the social, economical and environmental impact of hyperscale datacenters in these areas?

Our guest Merima Dzanic, from Danish Data Center Industry, helped us understand the digital evolution of the Nordics, giving us some insights about the datacenter industry in Denmark, explaining why the country is becoming the place-to-be for datacenters and hyperscalers looking for a way to be highly efficient and sustainable at the same time.

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Guest Speaker

Merima Dzanic
Chief Marketing Officer at Danish Data Center Industry

Described as “a very creative event producer with a “can-do” attitude, Merima graduated in London with the thesis: “The impact of automation technologies on employment: Perspectives from the data centre industry”.

Experienced conference manager with a huge passion for the environment, she is Chief Marketing Officer at Danish Data Center Industry, an organisation that serves the purpose of attracting data center investments to Denmark.


In our fifth webinar (broadcasting live on our YoutTube Channel), Merima explained us the role of Danish Data Center Industry in the Denmark datacenter market and how Denmark represents the ideal place for hyperscalers to do business in a sustainable, green way. Among the topics we covered with Merima:

  • The Nordics and the datacenter market.
  • Danish Data Center Industry: how to attract datacenter investment to Denmark.
  • How hyperscale datacenter can be highly efficient and sustainable at the same time.
  • The socially responsible datacenter.