Webinar: What's Driving the Edge?


Everyone has their own take on the Edge. What defines one of the central elements of the next digital revolution?
Together with Jacob Smith, CMO and co-founder at Packet, we touched various topics related to the Edge, such as:
- What is the Edge and where is the Edge
- Who does need the Edge?
- Packet: building the Edge
- The evolution of the Edge
- The role of the Edge in Industry 4.0

Guest Speaker

Jacob Smith
CMO and co-founder at Packet

Co-founder and CMO of Packet (recently acquired by Equinix), Jacob has worn all of the hats at Packet: product, engineering,marketing, and sales. His favorites include coordinating outreach to the open source & developer ecosystems, and building alliances with silicon and other partners. Before starting his technology career, Jacob was a professional classical musician.

Video & Slides

In our 13th webinar, together with Jacob Smith, we talked about various aspects of the Edge (what defines it, where it is, who needs it, how it will evolve, etc.) and the role of Packet in the next digital revolution.