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    We enable next-generation cooling and automation for data & energy-intense environments by integrating our pristine, highly-efficient & sustainable technologies. We are solving the challenges of today and powering the use cases of the future.

Powering the future with Immersion Cooling

Powered by our industry-leading immersion cooling, our products, services and solutions are designed and tailor-made to optimize datacenter operations. We go to great lengths to support our clients and partners in minimizing their environmental impact by offering a more planet-friendly, sustainable technology that uses less water, less power and overall produces a gentler carbon footprint.

SmartPod EVO

Unlock the potential of every square foot in your datacenter.


    Edge-ready Datacenter-in-a-box. Modular, compact & purpose-built to suit specific client needs.

    Discover The MicroPod

The benefits of choosing Submer

  • A mPUE of 1.04 ​& a PUE lower than 1.10

  • TCO reduction

  • Increase in computing density

  • Reduce latency and increase speed deployment

  • Improve your HW life-span

  • Better conditions for IT Hardware

  • Savings on CAPEX

  • Dramatic OPEX reduction

  • Reduce water consumption

  • Integration to heat-reuse solutions

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