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Immersion Cooling for Data Centers


Save up to 99% of cooling costs

and up to 87% of the physical space


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The Submer Solution

Submer Technologies provides a revolutionary liquid immersion cooling solution for data centers that saves up to 99% of cooling costs and 87% of the physical space.

Our Team has more than 10 years of experience in data center design and day-to-day operation.

We’ve designed and built our own technology from the ground up to create the most resilient, eco-friendly and efficient immersion cooling solution on the market.

The Submer immersion cooling solution is built with top-quality components and is fully assembled and tested to provide the best cooling solution to any IT infrastructure or hardware and any application (hosting, colocation, HPC, research, cryptocurrency mining…).

Only a few simple steps are required to slash your data center electricity bill by up to a 50% and reduce its footprint by 87%. See how in 60 secs:

Big Benefits

Save A Ton Of Energy

Save up to 99% of cooling costs. Use energy only for your computing equipment.

Totally Biodegradable

Our exclusive dielectric fluid is biodegradable and doesn’t present any hazard to people or the environment.

No Penguins Around

No need for extremely cold locations. Just as efficient in hot & humid climates.

Any Hardware

From standard servers to ASIC boards and even optical fiber connections. You won’t need special hardware.

Save Space

Our solution has more than 5x the computational density of a regular rack.

Top Power Usage Effectiveness

Get better PUE than big players like Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Facebook.

ROI in less than 1 year

The average Return On Investment period is under 1 year.

End to End solution

Shipping, installation, OEM servers warranty, maintenance, software monitoring, integration…

The typical data center general electricity costs can be reduced in >45% by using our data center immersion cooling solution.
Electricity consumed by air cooled datacenters
Electricity consumed using Submer

Compare Usual Air-based vs Submer Solution

Traditional Air-based SolutionsSubmer Technologies Solution
Hard to reduce PUE under 1.7PUE of <1.03
Huge air conditioning interior unitEmbedded in Pod footprint
Uneven air circulationCoolant evenly pumped through the pod
Issues to remove >16kW heat per rack50kW per rack
Indoor units and fans generate >80db noiseSilent environment
Hazardous particles pushed through the airSealed and clean environment
Extra air fans for large server roomsNo need to move any air
Hardware requires fans>15% less server pwr by removing fans
Large installation costs25% less implementation costs vs air
Requires raised flooringNo need to invest in raised floor
Electrical and Power Generator sizingAllows to reduce both by 50%
“Hot spots” across the server roomForget about “hot spots”
Implementing the Submer immersion cooling solution doesn’t only reduce the initial CAPEX in more than 25%, for the medium data center, the substantial OPEX reduction leverages your investment to have a ROI in less than 1 year.

How It Works

The ‘SmartPod’

The standard SmartPod setup supports up to 50 kW of heat extraction capacity in a 22U or 45U configuration.
Each SmartPod has a fully redundant cooling system and security notifications.

Each SmartPod is filled with more than 800 liters of a specially developed dielectric fluid. Our immersion cooling fluid is 100% biodegradable, innocuous and non-hazardous to work with.

The coolant runs autonomously controlled by smart algorithms through highly efficient heat exchanging components in combination with a water circuit to extract the heat to existing cooling towers or Submer provided high efficiency cooling towers.

Submer’s solution can be retrofitted into existing data center infrastructure or deployed as stand-alone.

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