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Executive Team

The compass of the Company. The ones who make things run smoothly, no matter what. Think of them as Russel Crowe in Master and Commander!
  • Daniel Pope

    CEO & Founder


    Daniel founded his first datacenter-related business when he was just 16. His superpower? It can be the end of the world, but Daniel will always remain as calm as a lake and focused.

  • Pol Valls Soler

    CIO, Investor Relations & Founder


    Pol started developing tech projects as a kid with a crappy computer that had cooling problems. Since then, he helped tech companies and entrepreneurs. He loves cinema and enjoys DJing occasionally.

  • Scott Noteboom



    Scott led tech companies for more than 20 years. He was Head of Infrastructure Strategy for Apple and VP of Engineering at Yahoo! He connects with the world from his garage-batcave.

Finance & Administration

Where complex resources and long numbers become clear for the rest of humanity. As they often say, "One spreadsheet to rule them all!"
  • David Goday



    A seasoned auditor with a 6-year experience in the Fintech sector, David is a human number cruncher that dreams with spreadsheets. In his spare time, he plays board games and enjoys cooking (but eating even more).

  • Luz Garcia

    Office HR Manager


    Luz is our HHRR head. A beer expert and connoisseur and an example of endless perseverance. Mad listening skills.

  • Marta Caldentey



    Marta’s superpower is making complex calculations look clear! Dance and reading lover and a huge fan of the Rolling Stones (what can you say, it's only rock 'n' roll but she likes it!)


The brains behind the curtain. Where ingredients like software, electronics, chemistry, mechanics, robotics and thermodynamics combine for the most efficient and powerful cocktail you will ever taste.
  • David Montes

    Head of Engineering


    Even during a zombie apocalypse, David would have a plan (and a plan B, C, etc.) and a board where to write it down and explain it to the survivors. Tactical engineering mind and master of all types of engineers on the Submer Earth.

  • Javier Sánchez

    Sr. Electrical Engineer


    The Isaac Asimov of Submer. Innovative mind with a natural aptitude to cheer up everyone around him. Cooker and photographer (although never at the same time).

  • Jordi Masó

    Sr. Product Engineer


    Product development lover. High priest of the Holy Science religion. Maker and photographer in his spare time.

  • Miguel Giner

    Product Engineer


    Creative mind with technical background. Optimistic by nature. He can easily have the same food every day… every week… every month (you cannot be creative in every aspect of your life, you know?)

  • Peter Cooper, PhD.

    Chemical Engineer


    Chemical engineer with a strong background in the research and development of cutting-edge thermal fluids and lubricants. Leading the team developing Submer's SmartCoolant.

  • Cristian Gimeno

    Jr. Chemical Engineer


    Cristian has the superpower of not aging (he looks young, but he is about 65) or probably he just upgrades. In fact, in spite of his age (?), he has a lot of experience and knowledge to share.

  • Edgar Ramon

    Software Engineer


    Tech lover, biker, rock climber, Eddy is the Bruce Wayne of Submer. He has always a joke to make on the tip of his tongue. To him, everything can always be reduced to zeros and ones.

  • Jonathan Huet

    Sr. Software Platform Engineer


    Constantly shifting between Cloud and Immersion, searching for the best way to connect them. Ski and Toblerone lover. When he is on the slopes (even better off-piste), he is the happiest man in the world.

  • Jaime Pita

    Sr. Thermal Engineer


    If you want to solve some intricate thermal puzzle, just grab a coffee with Jaime. Sports enthusiast and semi-professional gamer. Positive mind, psychologist, pro-skiing level and a healthy chef!

  • Luis Castrillo

    Jr. Thermal Engineer


    An amateur basketball player, a fanatic of sports in general and a dancing beginner! A great team worker curious about other cultures.

  • Júlia Marsal

    Robotics Engineer


    Júlia is a robotics and new technologies lover, and a fanatic of healthy food and body combat too! An energetic, fun-loving and open-minded person, Júlia is always ready to take care of others.

  • Daniel Hernández

    Sr. Mechanical Engineer


    As an optimistic by nature, Daniel is the kind of guy who always sees the glass half full. A music lover, Daniel is on a holy mission: finding the perfect Spanish omelette.

  • Eric Martínez

    Sr. Mechanical Engineer


    A real passionate about technology innovations, Eric loves traveling and, as a cyclist, discovering the world on two wheels. Sometimes he dreams about robot movies with amazing mechanical designs.


Where the ideas meet the real world. A group of professional puzzle-solvers and purchasing lovers. Sometimes they are disturbingly too well organized.
  • Joan Besares

    Operations Director


    A beautiful, strategic mind in an athletic rock climber body! At night, he transforms from Operation Manager into a Lindy-Hop professional dancer (and what a dancer!)

  • Albert Barbero

    Purchasing Manager


    When gambling in Chicago in the 30’s, Albert learned the lesson of “debt of honour”. Now a completely redeemed guy, he takes care of the purchasing process. Funny, collaborative, negotiator, always looking for a win-win approach.

  • John Puig

    Production Responsible


    Patience and calm are two of the strength points of John. He hates the smell of cauliflower (okay, who doesn't?) He is Vogue cover guy of the factory.

  • Helena Gamero

    Procurement Clerk


    Helena is passionate about purchasing and shopping, always looking for the best deal. A nature and countryside lover.

  • Ramon Musté

    Process Engineer


    A mechanical engineer by birth and a process engineer by profession. A karate and good beer enthusiast, Ramón is literally a multitasking guy and always ready for action! WAATAA!

  • Jose María



    José is the gatekeeper of the factory: he gets when the streets of Barcelona are still desert and leaves when the office is almost empty. Jose is the happy face of Submer: his smile is contagious!


Where things start making sense. They have a machine that translates engineering creations into meaningful concepts for society. Collective of weird, but good people.
  • Gloria Fluxà

    Marketing Director & Strategy Guru


    Marketing strategist with a soft spot for cats, nasty food and good wine. She is a Harry Potter fanatic and scared of birds.

  • Darío Rodríguez

    Art Director & Website Owner


    A multifaceted creative thinker, Darío is Submer’s web engineer and Master designer. He loves classic video games. Challenge him to a Tetris game, if you dare...

  • Matteo Mezzanotte

    Content, Communication & PR


    Matteo is our content and communication helmsman! Amazing technical writer, healthy food & sport lover and comics collector.

  • Tamara Gascó

    Digital Marketing Manager


    Social Media lover always interested in discovering the new marketing trends. Tamara enjoys cooking healthy food and practising functional exercises. Always thinking about green landscapes and mountains.


Here dreams come true. The ones who have the responsibility to bring Submer's solutions to the world. They know the formula to convert products into business, by saving the Planet in the process.
  • Adrian Whelan

    VP of Partners & Business Development


    An innovative & entrepreneurial mindset in charge of enabling Submer's Indirect & Channel business models. Loves swimming, learning how to cook Spanish food and building robots with his 5-year old daughter.

  • Raúl Álvarez

    Solution Architect


    With a broad vision, and a strong passion for details, Raúl is a black belt in the sacred art of BBQ. He is also a philanthropist and a perfect husband/dad model.

  • Laura Marion

    Partner Manager


    A French tactical mind, a fringe lover and a oatmeal fan. If she wanted, Laura could sell a comb to Javier or Scott. Persuasive.


The defenders of the Company and everything around it: values, people, resources, ideas... These two powerful women know how to fight for all we stand for.
  • Cristina Furió

    Intellectual Property Manager


    Cristina has a sharply inquiring mind. Communicatively skilled to perform as an interpreter between technology, business and law. Cheese over chocolate. Always.

  • Edurne Gastón

    Technical Writer


    Edurne loves writing, and writing and… yeah, writing. She is Submer’s Science Communicator and she takes care of all the finance, legal and scientific documentation of Submer for different organizations.

Submer's Values and Commitments

Society Society

  • Education: At Submer, we strongly believe that Education is fundamental for a society to grow and prosper. That is why we support activities aimed at sharing knowledge about technology and sustainable innovation.
  • Community: We actively participate in improving life, in every aspects, in our community
  • Social responsibility: We are aware of the environmental impact of the datacenter industry. That is why we believe in giving back to the communities where we work and live and to the environment itself by joining programs of social and environmental responsibility

People People

  • Each person counts: We believe that each person counts. Each client, partner and associate. Every deed and every contact between ourselves and our clients. We respect and embrace the diversity of our associates, clients and business partners.
  • Diversity: We defend, respect and embrace the diversity of our associates, clients and business partners.
  • People first: In every aspect of our work, we put people first. We care about the safety of our employees, customers and partners by complying with every health and safety regulations. We conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and transparency to make our customers feel special and appreciated
  • Innovation-drive: We are driven by a strong, innovation-driven work ethic. We encourage and support any idea that can help us as a Company, and as a society, to move forward along the path of sustainable innovation

The Planet The Planet

  • Green: Our technology is OECD certified readily biodegradable with no global warming potential
  • Carbon Footprint: At Submer, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions in line with Scope 3 requirements
  • Tree Planting Program: We offset the Carbon Footprint of shipping our SmartPods by planting a tree through Mossy Earth with every single unit.
  • Safe: Our solutions have a global warming potential of 0
  • Recyclable: Our SmartCoolant is readily recyclable anywhere in the world
  • Long Lasting: Our SmartCoolant has a lifespan of >20 years

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