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The New Urban Datacenter: Building Smart Cities

Guest Speaker:
Susanna Kass
Leader in innovation IT Operation and sustainability strategy at Baselayer and lecturer in Urban Systems at Standford University
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Immersion Cooling

the smart choice

Submer Immersion for HPC, Datacenters and Hyperscalers.

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Highly efficient, eco-friendly Immersion Cooling for datacenters.
Save up to 99% of cooling costs and up to 85% of the physical space with Submer.

All-in-one: a compact design for cooling IT Hardware saving  > 85% of physical space.

Modular: easily assemble your SmartPods with a minimum retrofit of your facility.
Energy saving: the specially crafted SmartCoolant allows to save  50% on electricity.

Eco-friendly: a cleantech that minimizes the impact on the environment.
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Turnkey Immersion Cooling

Want to roll-out Immersion Cooling in your new or existing infrastructure?

Submer delivers turnkey Immersion Cooling technology including primary cooling, secondary cooling,
relisient pump-sets all the way to certified hardware with a guaranteed unrivaled end to end PUE, anywhere on the globe.

- Facility design and planning
- Deployment and activation
- Certified immersion hardware
- PUE certification

- Preventive and Corrective maintenance
At Submer's core you'll find a team with decades of experience in Data Center design and operation. We've been in your shoes.
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NextGen Datacenter

Submer’s cutting-edge cleantech is a solution built in the present, but projected towards the future.
Our modular datacenter is the first containerised solution in the world using Immersion Cooling technology and it guarantees:

Unprecedented densities (>1 MW of heat extraction capacity per container).

A PUE of 1.03 anywhere in the world.
Low costs of maintenance and minimum impact on the environment.

Fast deployment in any kind of geographical area.
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Considering Immersion Cooling? Get in touch with us!

Ask questions, tell us more about your upcoming datacenter/HPC or Hyperscale project. We're here to help.
Barcelona: +34 932 202 855
Palo Alto: +1-650-304-0654

Exploration into the Next Generation of immersion-cooled Datacenters - Part 1 (of 2)

May 28, 2020

Last 31st March 2020, Scott Noteboom (CTO of Submer) led a panel at #DCDNYCVirtual, entitled Exploration into the Next Generation of Immersion-cooled Datacenters.

The 3W's of Immersion Cooling: What, Why and When!

April 3, 2020

‍Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer, walks you through the basics of Immersion Cooling

What is Immersion Cooling?

March 16, 2020

Submer Technologies launches its Immersion Cooling solution, a higly efficient, eco-friendly method to cool IT Hardware achieving unprecedented densities.

Submer Immersion Cooling at Evocative Data Centers

March 9, 2020

Submer SmartPodX available for public viewing at Evocative Data Centers

Submer Technologies & 2CRSi Deliver HPC to JRC

Submer Technologies is partnering with 2CRSi to deliver High Performance Computing (HPC) environments to the EU Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy

How to Calculate the PUE of a Datacenter

PUE determines the energy efficiency of a datacenter. But what is it and how to measure it?

Submer Immersion Cooling Lands in “Data Center Alley”

Submer has chosen Ashburn, Virginia, in the heart of Data Center Alley as the location for its new North American headquarters.

High Performance Computing (HPC) Arrives at the Edge of Space

Submer Technologies is partnering with Goonhilly and 2CRSI to bring HPC to the Edge of Space.

Submer Immersion Cooling at Evocative Data Centers

Submer SmartPodX available for public viewing at Evocative Data Centers

Submer & BitNAP Deliver a Green Immersion Cooled Datacenter

Submer Technologies is partnering with BitNAP Datacenter to deliver a green datacenter right in the heart of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, the operational hub of Barcelona.

Submer Delivers Immersion Cooling to Digital Realty Trust

Submer Technologies is proud to deliver the latest high-performance cooling systems to Digital Realty’s Ashburn campus to support sustainable, high-density HPC computing applications.

Datacenters and Environment

The Immersion Cooling solutions designed by Submer, have been conceived to make datacenters, HPC and hyperscalers smarter, helping them to drastically limit the use of energy, their footprint and their consumption of precious resources such as water.

Datacenters - Get Ready for Scope 3

There’s a big change coming to Green House Gas (GHG) emission reporting that will be disruptive. It’s called Scope 3, and when it takes effect, it may come as a shock.

IT Hardware for Immersion Cooling

Immersion Cooling is a technology that stands out for being pretty easy when it comes to adapt your “off-the-shelf” servers for submerging them.

Submer's Webinars

Last 5th February 2019, at Submer we launched a new series of webinars around the datacenter and HPC world.


How to run datacenters on ‘green’ energy and design them in a ‘climate positive’ way.


How to run datacenters on ‘green’ energy and design them in a ‘climate positive’ way.

The Very Hungry Datacenter

Not everybody is fully aware of the profound impact datacenters have on the environment. The time has come for datacenters to be more efficient AND green.

Submer Launches the SmartPodX

Why the SmartPodX will Turn the Datacenter, HPC, & Hyperscale World on its Head

Supercomputing, Supercomputers

An introduction to the world of HPC/Supercomputing through the eyes of a newbie.

The Evolution of Datacenter Cooling

From 1940s to present day, liquid Immersion Cooling has changed a lot, getting an ever-increasing important role in datacenter industry.

What are Carbon Credits?

There's a lot of debate about Carbon Credits: what are they? How do they work? Are they really helpful to limit CO2 emissions?

Colocation: What is it? How does it work?

Is colocation really a practical solution to store your data?

Submer Names Jeff Brown Managing Director North America

Data Center Industry Veteran to take Immersion Cooling Mainstream in North America

ETP4HPC & Submer

HPC is clearly betting on Immersion Cooling and Submer, now a full member of ETP4HPC with the right to vote at the General Assemblies, is here to support.

From Europe to Middle East to Africa

October has been an especially busy month for Submer: our team attended events all around the world, from Europe to Middle East to Africa.

OCP Regional Summit

Submer becomes part of the newly created Advanced Cooling Solutions subproject of OCP, to define standards around OCP equipment in Immersion Cooling.

Submer & FlexiScale

Submer and FlexiScale bring Immersion Cooling to UK. SmartPod technology will be deployed at FlexiScale LIC only Data Center, in Nottingham, the first of its kind in UK.

5 Myths about Immersion Cooling Debunked

Our Diarmuid helps us to dispel all fears about Immersion Cooling.

Think Global, Act Local

The Mayor of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat visits Submer offices: the importance of being a Company active on both international and local level.

Submer Open Day 2018

On Thursday 26th July 2018, we held our first Submer Open Day to present our Immersion Cooling solution and give a chance to our guests to get up-close with our SmartPod.

Submer & CERN

Submer’s SmartPod brings high-density computing and Immersion Cooling to CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

Submer Best IoT Startup of 2018 at 4YFN

4YFN in partnership with BGTA chose our SmartPod as Best IoT Cleantech of 2018. Thanks to this, Submer will receive a place in BGTA’s accelerator program in Shanghai.

East & West

Submer never stops travelling to bring Immersion Cooling to the world. From Asia to America and back to Europe!

World Environment Day 2018

Climate change is a fact and its in our hands to revert it. Data Center industry must start doing business in a more responsible, eco-friendly way.

Let's talk about Cryptoeconomics!

Submer's CryptoPod: extremely high densities in a solution specifically thought for crypto-miners to achieve a quicker ROI while minimizing the environmental impact.