Benefits of the SmartPod EXO Explained

Enduring Performance to Rely On

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Benefits of the SmartPod EXO

For datacenters and AI factories, meeting evolving workload demands with efficiency and sustainability is of the upmost priority. This is where the SmartPod EXO comes in: setting new standards in performance, our recently released immersion cooling solution ensures your datacenter is future-proof and climate-resilient

In this blog post, we top three benefits of the SmartPod EXO, seeing how it can revolutionize your datacenter in terms of performance, climate resiliency, and operations.

The Submer SmartPod EXO platform is the pinnacle of nearly a decade of groundbreaking innovation in immersion cooling systems. This cutting-edge platform sets a new standard for seamless integration into liquid-cooled facilities, paving the way for sustainable AI factories of the future.” 

Daniel Pope, CTO & Founder at Submer 

SmartPod EXO: 3 Key Benefits

Of the many highlights from the SmartPod EXO, we’ve narrowed things down to give you a detailed view of its high performance, climate resiliency, and easy operations.

1. Reliable Performance  

Crafted especially for high capacity and high performance, the SmartPod EXO delivers exceptional high density per square foot.  With the slogan, “Enduring performance to rely on”, the SmartPod EXO ensures reliable performance with 5x9s availability and a heat dissipation capacity of 280 kW+. an extended water temperature range provides flexibility and eases integration.  

The SmartPod EXO

2. Climate Resiliency  

In terms of climate resiliency, the SmartPod EXO is a straightforward way to achieve sustainability goals and future-proof facilities. By leveraging dry cooling and heat reuse, users have the chance to completely eradicate direct water usage and put waste heat to use. 

Operating with hot water up to 140⁰F (60⁰C) makes free cooling a viable option, in turn, giving you more location choices around the world.

Plus, regulated water flow rate consistently maintains water usage at an optimal level, maximizes its temperature, and minimizes your energy consumption as a result.   

3. Meets Your Service Level Standards  

The SmartPod EXO’s unwavering performance comes coupled with simple operations. Independent access for IT at the front and power distribution at the back make for seamless operation and patch panels prevent the wicking effect.  Remote system management is facilitated through Submer’s API, SNMP & Redfish protocols, which can be easily integrated with flagship DCIM/BMS systems.  

Configurable patch panels, guides, trays, and additional accessories for easy management and scalability.  

smartpod exo operations that make sense
Simple operations with the SmartPod EXO

Hybrid Deployment Example  

Immersion cooling is perfectly compatible with standard air cooling racks and ideal for hybrid deployments. One example of this leveraging 30 SmartPod EXO Twin Tanks (the equivalent to 60 pods) could look like this : 

  • A Tier III design full supported in immersion cooling
  • A dissipation capacity (depending on operating conditions, here the immersion fluid set point is 131⁰F (55⁰C): 3.96 MW with water at 104⁰F (40 ⁰C) or 11.4 MW with water at 68⁰F (20 ⁰C) 
  • Daily IT and cabling operations are facilitated with effective cable management in and out of the pods

A hybrid deployment with the SmartPod EXO.
Hybrid deployment use case with the SmartPod EXO

The SmartPod EXO: Ready for Pinnacle Performance? 

The SmartPod EXO has been derived from a deep understanding of today’s datacenter demands and commitment to sustainability. Whether your goal is high performance, climate resiliency, or no-fuss operations (or all three!), the SmartPod EXO offers a comprehensive solution to surpass your expectations.

To find out more about the SmartPod EXO and how it could transform your datacenter, get in touch with one of our experts today. 

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