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Submer is proud to announce having become full member of the ETP4HPC, the European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (HPC).

ETP4HPC is an industry-led think tank composed of European HPC technology stakeholders who’s main task is to define research priorities and action plans in the area of HPC technology provision (i.e. the provision of supercomputing systems).

ETP4HPC recognised the role of Submer Technologies as a company which, with its Immersion Cooling solution, carries out significant research and development activities in the field of HPC technology in Europe.

Becoming a full and active member of ETP4HPC, Submer will have the right to vote at the General Assemblies to elect the Steering Board and to be elected to the Steering Board.

We at Submer are honoured to be part of ETP4HPC. We will be actively contributing to the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), that outlines a roadmap for the achievement of exascale capabilities by the European High Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem.

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