The building block of the supercharged datacenter

Meet your increasing demand for computing power and efficiency without the hurdles of traditional datacenter build. Commission 100-800kW building blocks in a matter of weeks instead of months and do that with all the benefits that immersion cooling brings today.
Our plug-and-play datacenter in a box enables future-proof unprecedented high density and efficient infrastructure anywhere.

The benefits of the MegaPod

  • Achieve a PUE < 1.03

  • Save 25-40% on TCO

  • Up to 800 kW of compute density

  • Fast deployment

  • Full turnkey solution

  • -60% in HW failure rate

  • Modular design enables flexibility

  • Save 95% on cooling OPEX

  • Simplify site selection: Zero water consumption

  • Re-use of heat

MegaPod technical specs


Technical specs

Total IT Load From 100kW to 800kW
Immersion rack / tank
SmartPodXL / SmartPodXL+
From 2 x 44U/42OU to 8 x 44U/42OU
From 2 x 50kW to 8 x 100kW
IT Gear handling Overhead rail + lifting device
Fire supression system Automatic, gas based
Monitoring and Reporting Submer Portal / API
Enclosure From 10' to 40' High Cube shipping container
Cooling Module Dry Cooler / Adiabatic Cooling Tower
Configuration Stacked / Side by side
Operating Temperature range -20°C - +50°C [-4°F - +122°F]
Tier III Ready Optional

Configuration Options

MegaPod 100 MegaPod 100

  • High desntiy compact footprint perfect for Edge locations. Boost it up to 200kW leveraging SmartPodXL+ units.
  • All the flexibility of the SmartPodX platform in a 10' modular build.
  • From order to comissioning in weeks.

MegaPod 200 MegaPod 200

  • 20' modular datacenter-in-a-box designed for 200kW to 400kW of critical IT load.
  • Easy site selection thanks to zero water consumption.
  • Open the door to heat reuse right where it can be leveraged.

MegaPod 400 MegaPod 400

  • How about full data hall capacity in a 40' module? This is what the MegaPod 400 delivers.
  • 400 kW to 800 kW depending on the SmarPodX configuration with integrated dry cooling infrastructure.
  • TIER-Ready Options available soon. HA posibilities at all levels (CDU, dry cooler, pumps...).

What's Immersion Cooling?

Also known as liquid submersion cooling. It is the practice of submerging computer components (or full servers) in a thermally, but not electrically, conductive liquid (dielectric coolant) allowing higher heat transfer performance than air and many other benefits.

Immersion Cooling in a (bigger) Box

The MegaPod has been purpose-built to address the main pain points faced by our challenged industry. Deliver large amounts of sustainable compute capacity and ease site selection. No other technology can deliver this level of density and leverage dry-cooling infrastructure anywhere on the Globe. No other technology can deliver >95% of the IT energy captured in the form or warm water for heat reuse. Think out of the box by leveraging Immersion Cooling in a bigger box: The MegaPod.

Submer Services

  • Facility Analysis

  • Design & Planning

  • Deployment & Activation

  • Certified Immersion Hardware

  • All Necessary Certifications

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

  • Control and Warranties

  • Partnership and Friendship along the way

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