Our SmartCoolant is kind to…

Hardware Hardware

  • High Performance: superior thermal properties extract heat faster
  • Compatible: with IT Hardware and fiber optics
  • Safe: it protects HW from dust and corrosion increasing lifespan by >30% and reduces failure rates by 60%
  • Efficient: 99% of heat captured with potential reuse

People People

  • Safe: non-flammable & dielectric (8 times safer than air)
  • People friendly: non-toxic and made from food grade components
  • Practical: It doesn’t evaporate, no refill needed!

The planet The planet

  • Green: OECD certified readily biodegradable with no global warming potential
  • Safe: Global warming potential of 0
  • Recyclable: readily recyclable anywhere in the world
  • Long Lasting: lifespan of 15 years (no need of change and easily filtrable)


Technical specs

Fluid Type Synthetic
Fire Point 233 ºC
Density @20 °C 796 Kg/m3
Water content ≤20 mg/kg
Thermal conductivity @40 °C 0.14 W/m·K
Specific Heat @40 °C 2.26 kJ/kg·K
Breakdown voltage ≥50 kV
Biodegradability (28 days) Readily Biodegradable

Submer SmartCoolant Live Flame Demo

Dr. Peter Cooper (PhD in Chemistry Engineering) and Daniel Pope (CEO) demonstrate with a blowtorch that our Immersion Cooling SmartCoolant is non-flammable.

Submer Services

  • Design & Planning

  • Deployment & Activation

  • Certified SmartCoolant

  • Certified Immersion Hardware

  • SmartCoolant Control through Client Samples

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

  • Control and Warranties

  • Partnership and Friendship along the way (this is for free)

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