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Discover the SmartPod for single-phase immersion cooling, which comes in two distinct versions packing power and performance.


Unveiling the SmartPod Platform 

The SmartPod immersion cooling platform provides a multitude of advantages in terms of performance, density, TCO, and sustainability. 


Select the Solution
for Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for plug and play or extreme performance, we’ve got the right SmartPod for immersion cooling for your project.


Plug & Play Immersion
at Scale

The easiest path to immersion cooling, this compact solution unlocks the potential of every square foot in your datacenter.

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Enduring Performance
to Rely On

Setting new standards in performance, our immersion cooling solution ensures your datacenter is future-proof and climate-resilient.

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Smart DC Software

Easily integrate Submer’s API & SNMP with your own monitoring systems or use our software with intuitive UI to manage your system remotely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions for us?

  • Is immersion cooling sustainable?

    Immersion cooling is the most sustainable form of liquid cooling:

    • It reduces power and direct & indirect water consumption, therefore reducing CO2 emissions.
    • It lets your infrastructure operate at higher temperatures, providing more free cooling time.
    • Higher power density leads to less real estate needed.
    • Immersion cooling fluid is non-toxic, biodegradable, GWP=0, and it can be recycled.
    • It protects the hardware from degradating agents such as dust, moisture and vibrations, which plays in favor of its lifespan.

    Keep reading about the sustainable benefits of immersion here.

  • Which is better, DLC or immersion cooling?

    Immersion cooling is simple and therefore reliable. It takes care of 100% of the IT components, ensuring thermal stability. If you look at the overall TCO, from server to infrastructure, immersion cooling is more competitive. Your future-proofed cooling infrastructure will outlast several IT refresh cycles/generations, with no server vendor lock-in. Technology runway is ensured by latest developments.

  • Can immersion cooling coexist with other cooling technologies?

    Absolutely! Submer pods can take advantage of the existing cooling infrastructure or data.

    If only air cooling is available, a local closed water loop is installed to release the heat into the room. Not the best option in terms of efficiency, but the easiest one in terms of capital investment if no water loop is available.

    If a water cooling loop is available, whether it be chilled or warm water, just connect the immersion system to it. Or consider using the return water from your other water-cooled equipment, taking advantage of the ability to operate with higher water temperature.

  • What type of servers can be used in Submer pods?

    For the most efficient operation and best experience, choose an immersion-born server amongst the many currently available, whether it be 19″, 21″, or OCP.

    If you prefer to try with some of your existing servers, only not-sealed HDDs are not submersible. Other than that, a retrofitting process should be followed, mainly consisting of checking the material compatibility of the components, removing the fans, replacing the thermal paste by a compatible TIM – readily available in the market, protecting the labels and, in some cases, replacing the heat sinks by immersion-designed ones for best performance.

  • What are the operations of an immersion-cooled datacenter like?

    Submer’s products are designed to facilitate daily IT-related operations.

    For a quick DIMM or power supply swap, the server just needs to be lifted to expose the target components. There is no need to deal with Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs).

    For more elaborate operations, servers can be taken to a service room and easily dried off if preferred.​ Cabling-related operations are performed as you are accustomed to, thanks to our cable management features.

    As for the fluid, expect scheduled checks to ensure it remains in perfect operating conditions. No fluid top-up or removal is required when extracting or inserting a few servers, or due to evaporation.

    Submer offers comprehensive trainings and certifications to get your staff up to speed to safely operate your immersion-cooled datacenter.