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Tune in to the Submer Tech Showcase, July 14th, 11-12 pm (EDT)

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On July 14th DCD Keeping It Cool will take place. The event will provide a global deep dive into the latest data center cooling technologies and innovations, and a much-needed debate on the future of managing higher density deployments. 

See our CEO Daniel Pope participate in our Liquid Cooling Tech Showcase; “High-powered Datacenters, Why does the MegaPod make sense?”

What will we discuss in at DCD > Keeping it Cool?

Take a look inside Submer’s NEWEST immersion cooling technology specifically built for high-powered, harsh environments. In this showcase, we will give a live demo of our MegaPod solution, how it works and its benefit to the industry, and how the use of this technology can help to increase efficiency and reduce a company’s overall impact on the environment and future proof your datacenter infrastructure. You will get a closer look at:

  • The Container
  • Inside of the Container
  • Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) 
  • SmartPod API   
  • Temperature flow rates
  • Heat Exchange 

Sign up to watch the showcase, here. Don’t miss it! The panel will take place on July 14th, 11 – 12pm (EDT).

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