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Setting new standards in performance, our immersion cooling solution ensures your datacenter is future-proof and climate-resilient.


SmartPod EXO Star Qualities

The SmartPod EXO offers extreme density and ensures your datacenter is climate-resilient.


SmartPod EXO: Transform Challenges to Opportunities 

Get to know our SmartPod EXO for single-phase immersion cooling solution and how it tackles the datacenter industry challenges of today.



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Atlantis 1.4E




Density at New Extremes

Crafted especially for high capacity and high performance, the SmartPod EXO delivers exceptional high density per square foot.

  • Up to 361 kW*

    Heat dissipation capacity

    *Values vary depending on model and operating conditions.

  • 3350 W**

    Max power consumption

    ** Depending on product configuration.

  • 50 RU (19")

    47 OU (OCP ORv3)

    Tank IT gear capacity

  • 2N Pump /
    2N CDU Concurrent Mantainability**

    Built-in redundancy

    **Depending on product configuration.

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Adaptable CDUs

Choose from a unitank or twin tank depending on your needs.


Designed to maximize power density​, this system is set up to deliver maximum performance and heat dissipation capacity.

Twin Tank

Designed to maximize uptime​, this system is set up to provide concurrent maintainability and ensure 99.999% availability.


Pinnacle Performance

High performance meets straightforward operations: the SmartPod EXO embodies reliability, setting your datacenter up for lasting success.


Maximize Density per Square Foot

Crafted especially for high capacity and high performance, the SmartPod EXO delivers exceptional high density per square foot.

Extended water temperature range provides flexibility and eases integration.


The Twin Tank's
Concurrent Maintainability

With the Twin Tank's versatile operation modes, each CDU handles a single tank in nominal mode or two of them in boost mode.​

Tanks and CDUs are deployed in pairs to mitigate the effect of any potential adverse events.


Reduce Energy Consumption

Regulated water flow rate consistently maintains water usage at an optimal level, maximizes its temperature, and minimizes your energy consumption as a result. 


Go Waterless

Operating with hot water makes free cooling a viable option, in turn, giving you more location choices around the world. 

smartpod exo friendly equipment arrangement


Friendly Equipment Arrangement

Front dry zone for IT and network cabling, and rear dry zone for power distribution mean teams manage respective areas seamlessly.


Standardized Cabling

Configurable patch panels, guides, trays, and additional accessories for easy management and scalability.

smartpod exo dry zone


Meets Your Service Level Standards

The SmartPod EXO's unwavering performance comes coupled with simple operations.


Operations that Make Sense

Independent access for IT at the front and power distribution at the back for seamless operation. Patch panels prevent the wicking effect. 

smartpod exo operations that make sense


Remote System Management

Submer's API & SNMP system easily integrates with your monitoring systems or opt for our user-friendly UI.​

Ready to equip your DC with enduring performance?

The SmartPod EXO is the ultimate reliable cooling solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions for us?

  • Is immersion cooling sustainable?

    Immersion cooling is the most sustainable form of liquid cooling:

    • It reduces power and direct & indirect water consumption, therefore reducing CO2 emissions.
    • It lets your infrastructure operate at higher temperatures, providing more free cooling time.
    • Higher power density leads to less real estate needed.
    • Immersion cooling fluid is non-toxic, biodegradable, GWP=0, and it can be recycled.
    • It protects the hardware from degradating agents such as dust, moisture and vibrations, which plays in favor of its lifespan.

    Keep reading about the sustainable benefits of immersion here.

  • How does immersion cooling affect resiliency?

    Global warming has exceeded 1ºC since pre-industrial times. The fact that immersion cooling infrastructure can operate at higher temperatures provides more opportunities to handle the rising ambient temperatures we’re currently witnessing and the persistent rise that’s forecasted for the future – less demanding infrastructure leads to reduced emissions.

    Also, thanks to its thermal inertia, the cooling capability in the pod remains intact for some time in the event of total failure of the cooling infrastructure. With the right design and depending on the selected operating conditions, this feature helps increase resiliency.​

    For more on how immersion an face today’s industry challenges, check out our blog post.

  • How does redundancy work in the SmartPod?

    The SmartPod EXO Unitank is equipped with a CDU with 2N pumps for improved availability.

    The SmartPod EXO Twin Tank is equiped with 2N CDUs, providing concurrent maintainability and each of them being able to handle 100% of the load.

  • How do I design for 5x9s availability with immersion cooling?

    Take advantage of the 2N CDUs in the SmartPod EXO Twin Tank and connect each of them to a dual independent water supply loop. The same goes for the power supply, connect each CDU to an independent feed via an automatic feed selector such an ATS.

    Each CDU can handle 100% of the load and the immersion system is concurrently maintainable.

  • What is Submer’s capacity to deliver at scale?

    With many MWs worth of units already deployed and production facilities in Barcelona, Spain and Houston, Texas, our supply chain is ready to deliver at hyperscale.

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