Immersion Cooling for High Performance Computing

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The new digital trends that are transforming the social, urban and economic landscape and the advanced computer modelling and big-data applications have all something in common: they require to process an ever-increasing amount of data. In this scenario, it is obvious that datacenters are destined to play a fundamental role in the future (present and remote) of our society.

To efficiently meet the demand of highly challenging computational fields (e.g. ML and AI), HPC needs to find the right configuration within a system determined by, on one side, economic logics and, on the other, spatial, physical limitations.

Use Case Highlights

Apply Immersion Cooling solutions for effective performance increase in HPC; increase IT hardware density, lower electricity and water consumption; guarantee a ROI <1 year and 25%- 40% saving on TCO; enable sustainable design and planning and heat reuse programs.

Business Benefits

  • A certified mPUE 1.02
  • Up to 95% saving on cooling costs (no fans, highly efficient primary and secondary cooling)
  • Up to 55% saving on physical space
  • Up to 50% saving on OPEX
  • Up to 25-40% saving on CAPEX building costs
  • Up to 25-40% saving on TCO
  • Up to 100kW IT hardware density
  • +30% in IT hardware life-span
  • -60% in IT hardware failure rates

Operational Benefits

Improve HPC performance, by delivering unrivaled IT hardware density while saving up to 95% on cooling cost (corresponding about to 50% of electricity consumption); minimize business disruption during management and operational procedures; lower latency; increase speed deployment with edge ready solutions; enable heat reuse programs for surrounding urban and industrial areas; guarantee zero waste of water; being able to easily/efficiently cool extreme chip densities required for HPC; Submer’s Immersion Cooling technology adapts to any hardware, so there is no need to adapt hardware or cooling solution to the hardware like with Direct Liquid Cooling; immersion-optimized hardware can deliver unprecedented densities.

“Datacenters are destined to play a fundamental role in the future (present and remote) of our society.

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