MicroPod: Immersion Cooling at the Edge

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Submer is proud to present the MicroPod, the latest addition to our advanced Immersion Cooling solutions delivering efficiency and high IT density anywhere, answering the needs of a new breed of datacenters, and especially of Cloud and Edge computing.

The MicroPod platform, apart from all the advantages of the Submer LIC solutions, has the added benefit of an even more compact, modular and integrated design that guarantees highly efficient, and ultra-dense compute in a pristine environment right where it is most needed.

High Density Anywhere You Need It

The datacenter-in-a-box configuration of the MicroPod allows for a fast and flexible deployment in any location, indoors or outdoors (telco cabinets, containers, office, etc.),  flexible and distributed computational capacity and low latency infrastructure at the far Edge.

Submer’s MicroPod is the perfect Immersion Cooling solution for Edge applications, colocation datacenters, telcos and cloud computing. Thanks to its compact, modular, plug-and-play, datacenter-in-a-box configuration, the MicroPod allows for fast deployment in any location, including direct sunlight and an easy plug-and-play installation with an unrivalled energy footprint anywhere on the globe.

Learn more about the MicroPod here.

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