Submer and The Engineering Factory: Bringing Datacenters that Make Sense to Australia

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Barcelona, Spain & Sydney, Australia

Submer is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with The Engineering Factory a company specializing in the deployment of technology infrastructure for datacenter and Edge Computing in Australia. 

Submer and The Engineering Factory are showcasing the SmartPodX advanced Immersion Cooling platform at The Engineering Factory HQ in Macquarie Park, Sydney. The installation – the first Liquid Immersion Cooling showroom in Australia – will allow the visitor to appreciate all the details of our technology and literally touch the components of our solution. 

Immersion Cooling is a technology that was born in the ‘60s, but only recently Submer has been able to implement it in a very practical and cost-effective way. Datacenters have now started looking at it as a smart alternative solution to air cooling to face some of the most pressing challenges of the industry: cooling the skyrocketing chip density, limiting the waste of water and electricity consumption, and cutting the CO2 emissions. 

“The showroom at The Engineering Factory HQ is the perfect opportunity for anyone to have a first-hand experience with our solution and learn more about the technical characteristics and the operational and economic benefits of Submer’s Immersion Cooling. We know that our society needs datacenters to work efficiently. Our mission is to design and manufacture sustainable and efficient datacenters. Or as we like to say, datacenters that make sense. And we are thrilled to do that in Australia together with The Engineering Factory.”  (Daniel Pope, co-founder and CEO at Submer)

As technology infrastructure is increasingly deployed across all asset classes of real estate and building infrastructure, it is incumbent on us to ensure that it is engineered efficiently; to drive capex and opex savings and to optimize sustainable outcomes. We are proud to be partnered with Submer to bring to APAC immersion cooling technology which delivers these objectives and many more.” (Bass Salah, Principal of The Engineering Factory)  

About The Engineering Factory

The Engineering Factory supplies and deploys sustainable infrastructure for data centres. We focus on innovative technologies that produce better outcomes in: efficiencies, sustainability and futureproofing for our clients. We advocate for a paradigm shift in energy generation and consumption and we believe that data centres can have a more positive impact on our efforts to be “in balance with nature”. We know we can deliver this paradigm shift with significant CAPEX and OPEX savings for our clients, with the help of our partners.

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